the monks while looking forward

September 17 [Tue], 2013, 10:33
Rapid flight Gaocai quickly to the Yellow River shore , this time for three people still marvel at the success of the carp big splash . Discussion of a brain at the same time that the first live cairica sources. In a brain comes, the water blue and Long Chu has been with the Dragon Luojiashan De Xing Jun and water left here , some of the watch fairy also continued to leave the Yellow Dragon . Gaocai fly into this shore , many people did not care , which many monks near Longmen , flying , no one cares about. This plethora of both sides of the monks , the monks have doors with Buddhist monks, even a lot of big powerful demon god of water and had just attended the General Assembly of the god of water . Walking in the middle of the crowd , listening to the monks while looking forward to the discussion Rover camp , but in most of the day around both sides of this goal , did not find Rover camp , which makes up a brain strange , do not know these people have returned to the Louvre sent . Did not find Rover camp , a brain slightly puzzled the next , they did not care that he just take advantage of this time to travel some and enjoy the scenery of the Yellow River under . You can also look at these monks , to know that you can see these monks is not an easy thing. He has been seeking only to practice, rarely able to have access to these massive monk. But he walked along , on account of high scores have come to know some of the monks and martial feud appears to have been a disciple of friction , to observe after completing a hurry and go from time to time , that is, Find a place to challenge each other up . These disciples are proud and arrogant generation, naturally want to push those at this time an enemy , for these challenges, many monks are happy to watch. Know these things after a brain heart not worry about them , do not know which school the other disciples Rover is not also a feud with the martial art fighting took place . "Hey, Emei and Rover faction war up there in the mountains , the two sides are said to be the best in recent years, disciples, Xingaoqiao the pole, which under these two old North Face Waterproof enemies have looked good fight . "" Really hit up ? emei is said a lot in recent years to recruit outstanding talent of the people, five hundred years ago, then burned Rover sent after eating , has been pressing the Emei , this time do not know what will happen ? " " We quickly go and see , the world 's leading large faction fighting together the most outstanding disciple , certainly jīng color extraordinary . " " You 're still here winded what ah , I heard Rover sent a disciple was killed , and now has upgrading from a battle to fight it. do not go , you missed a good show . " wander a brain is suddenly saw a lot of people flew towards a place , are not careful one , god sè suddenly surprised , really ineffective bad spirit is good , horror after god sè also furious . This battle can also say that in the past, but out of the xìng life, these Emei disciples have done much, vaguely Gaocai also know that the Baihe Feng tragedy seems that Emei about it under their own but can not miss. Also refused to take any moment , and driving up Jianguang whizzed leap away, Jianguang gallop in place Fang Jianguang soon see a flashing dozens of people in there melee open. Seeing scheduled to go see a few acquaintances, Ran Tempo is crimson eyes constantly waving Euphorbia with a golden monk desperately forward , and once in the Great Mountain peripheral encountered several people frenzied attack with another a Fangxiu Shi . This Emei these monks , a brain is on the way to see the original encounters Lee Yoon , Chu et al , both sides seem to have glass slide to life , constantly bombarded beheaded . In the rear of a white youth, these people covered in blood lying on the ground , the body loses the breath of life , in which the top of a head of a young white blue sè Lingzhu , holding huge Reaper burly monks overlooking the cold this man , with a trace of God sèyīn cold haughty . "Ha ha, five hundred years ago, I Emei predecessors beheaded you can send countless jīng English Rover disciples, now we can also ye are we doomed Rover faction pressing ." " Court death ! " To hear the words of this man arrogant , looking fallen with the door , the other Rover disciples canthus crack, want to kill the enemy before , go kill the kill with the door , the door division insult Emei disciples. The Emei disciples at this time North Face Hybird Outlet is God sè earthquake , doing all the dragging Rover camp . In the hearts of all those who intend to let the brothers killed under saver disciples together and then kill them Jin Dandi child , and now the sight of blood , and it did in the end xìng cable , then Emei is also defying the crowd up . "Is it ! " At this Emei disciples of God sè arrogant clamor when a cold with Senhan murderous voice in their ears. "Lo China Brother careful ! " Do not wait for this person react, fighting Emei disciples saw a monk Yi Luo brothers appeared in front of God sèyīn cold stare brothers immediately verbally reminded . " What ! " This Emei Luo brothers not react Suddenly, a flashing green light sè fist smashing come crashing , smashing these individuals to fly out. Smashing fly just this Emei disciples after Gaocai leaned down, looked at the Canada Goose Tremblant Full Zip Hoody Toronto dead Rover disciples, after a quick look at it , are not a relief , is bleeding , the battle and exhaust , the main body parts are intact non-destructive , the most important is just to die soon, yet the soul from the body , in which case , as long as the corpse back to the martial art , door Wonderland master shot, generally have saved , the moment in the hands of a move, a road charms into the body , who stopped the blood, allowing the body to remain unchanged , while raising its temperature perverted , though these Gaocai any course do not worry, god will kill bell on its ancestral orifices point on , quell their spirit , but also to prevent black and white its spirit of impermanence left hook . And after that , a brain sleeves roll , Qing Ming vase in their income . "You ! " "That thief ! Fast also my Jianxia ." " Shameless bastard ! " To see the figure of a brain after Emei Lee Yoon aghast aloud , others follow Lee Yoon , Metropolis recognize high talents have also derided them , scolding , the eyes are a bit unnatural , and a trace of horror . " Gaocai ! Haha, you bastard , I thought you did not come to the Yellow River it ! " To see the meteorite body of Young Gaocai close up, are fighting Ran Tianba laugh , full of joy and surprise . "You are a brain ! " Hear Ran Tianba then had to fly in the Great Mountain is a brain threw a few people quickly write up, looked a bit fast . And Lee Yoon and Chu and others face sè a change, did not think this man is a disciple Rover camp , comes to mind when rì divinity and overbearing , they had eaten bitter man and God sè suddenly aghast hard look . "So you also send Rover disciple dare attack me , ha ha, with green dollar beads body care, how can you touch me today, so I split you ." Is a brain fist hit towering fly Luo China the sky, waving in the hands of Reaper , his eyes flashing with bloodthirsty light . Towards a brain full pixia . "Humph ! " Gaocai disdain eyeful looked rushing kid, this man wants cavalry . " Gaocai careful, this kid practicing martial arts is limitless , endless mana , a strength surpassed with me ." Rush people come to see Luo , Ran Tianba immediately silent reminder . " Puchi ! " Ran Tianba then just finished , a halberd light across the sky , the arrogance of the Luo people speechless moment , Luo people speechless, everyone on the battlefield instantly stunned, all look incredible face aghast the air of the scene. Gaocai single hand with a euphorbia, front lug Luo Ji Min 's body. Luo Qing Yuan China 's head was split into two beads , semi- truncated ax in hand , do not believe his eyes looked full lug their spurge . " Ah ! Luo China Brother ! " Sluggish after a short , shrill scream resounded throughout the world , the moment all of the Emei disciples react, the voice screaming in pain covered the entire battlefield. The crowd screams , Gaocai flick of the wrist , Euphorbia jitter , Luo China 's pubic region was crushed , thrown out . ( Find vote in Sanjiang , find you greatly collection, seeking support ! )
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