clouds continue to draw the whole world

September 17 [Tue], 2013, 15:43
---------------------- ( Strike you greatly recommended votes votes, you much trouble in reading recommendation recommended before the vote in Kazakhstan , do not look genuine of you also troublesome to support big dream start weeping " apprentice Pig " Ha , thanks to demand support ! ) after this one episode , a brain then returned to Chang'an city , but this time the deity was still shocks gold Wonderland world , chest five gas has been completely out of the head of the five sè cohesion among the clouds , clouds continue to draw the whole world the power of Reiki and Shun Yeung , slowly cultivate the three flowers , and only when the top three flowers together to success Promise gold cents , into the realm of fairy gold . Only this time, on account of high clouds on the head of the five sè just took roots cohesion of lead , in order to unite the three flowers , but also for a very long time. See this situation, a brain knows this practice cents gold , you need to mill effort, after all, though they have their own air transport big opportunity, be able to practice within a short time rì to Chunyang real fairy realm, but in order to Achievement Gold cents , but it is thousands of hard to extremely difficult , not any external force can help . Moment in the hands of that deity Daqian boat house fly into place, followed by the deity they carry Haotian cents column into Chunyang Lei Shanghai , suddenly the power of a large number of Chunyang spewing into the room in the head of the five sè clouds . Basilica of the stars of the column also exudes a channel of pure power of the stars in the influx of five sè clouds , Huang Li and Unter den Linden is the powerful life force round after round into a brain among the five sè clouds . In Daqian boat house the influx of all the forces , five sè clouds on the lead flower roots grow slowly , diligently continue to draw the five sè clouds in force. This time, Gao Cai Xian Haotian tower hanging behind the formation of nine strong aura of the many lessons of joy but also of God sè Daqian boat house with power. Morohito God sè are filled with wonder and magical , especially after seeing Huang Li , Morohito face sè a hint of desire is full . Have first emerged, to a brain 's cock before , you want to get some treasure . "Gentlemen predecessors, this hall is a collection of the Cologne Chamber and the Kunlun Indian refining Daqian boat house , rì post of you where you can practice at the same time to thank you for the hard work to help seniors , those Huang Lee has as a reward ! " for you on the mentality of a brain is also clear. In the hands of a move, fetch nine Huang Lee , gave to the multitudes . " This is one of the ancient spiritual roots five Huang Lee , Leo did not think I could have access to, the refinery which Huang Lee , I might be able to comprehend the time the power of law . Achievement Lo interim ! " Seeing Hand the Huang Li . Canada Goose Manitoba Leo said face sè joy , eyes also has a hint of excitement among the large Luo realm of each layer is the distance between Tianrang . Leo has been trapped in this state millions of years , and now with this Huang Lee might have a chance to enter the realm of the second layer , achievement supreme master. "Haha , well, I was more cow for you to admire ! " Huang Li taking this cow devil god sè slightly sè of joy , said , Princess Iron Fan is the next hi sè overflow and face, the two men are Gaocai captive. Allegiance is half smooth half- forced mean , but now see a brain to enhance strength , power enhancement , but all had the idea of ​​faith allegiance , after all, followed by a brain can get many benefits that can enhance their own strength. Other Morohito insight into Gaocai forces in the hearts also have a good faith after phase normalized mind. No longer have the slightest strange heart, after all, have a high background of powerful , strong , following many benefits can be obtained , this is the most important. At this point Gaocai also felt Morohito mind, mind could not help fretting . Zhefan not expect to show , to enhance the cohesion of the crowd , the moment just smiled slightly , and think too much no matter . "Gentlemen, here a good practice . Rì even after grateful to help, I'll see Tang , in the hands of the many treasures handing Tang , enhance the strength ! " Gaocai facing the crowd, said soon after , begins Daqian boat to leave the house , toward the palace a secret space away, this place is a brain regain space inside the five- door location refining , refining the entire five doors where the material collected by Tang refining armor and war soldiers . This period of time , daytime Yuan Wan Sin Temple has been integrated with numerous small sects , are now starting to integrate those moderate sects , Datang 's strength is also a step by step improved. Looking at this place Gaocai also delighted , Datang to enhance strength , Canada Goose Heli Arctic must also be able to enhance air transport , so their air transport will increase as up , right after practice has tremendous benefits. Comes in a brain , the emperor is here and acceptance of refining weapons and armor , to see the arrival of a brain after God sè a joy, approached said with: " National Division , you come back , come here just , quick check here with Guaren refining weapons armor which five refining refining device worthy of the door to bulk , just when rì, then refining the hundreds of thousands of sets of instruments used, although it is a simple musical instruments , but has been greatly improves overall Datang army ! "to see a brain comes, Li Shimin god sè extremely happy , said , his eyes filled with a hint of excitement among the sè. Li Shimin could not help but Gaocai slight frown looked up , awaiting the time to open his mouth , five head of gold refining refining door Taoist worship approached and said: " Pindao seen National Division ." " Ah - Gold refining Daoyou hard , and just when rì, even refining the instruments used so much , it touches on some gratifying ! " Gaocai help put away , then said the opposite gold refining , refining the five main gates to refining , refining treasures, instruments used , the more it can enhance the repair . "This is but His Majesty and the National Division of the credit it ! " Gold refining Taoist smiled slightly , there is no out loud . "Kim Lian fellow, these are Chunyang mine water, can help you for five refining door practice, enhance the strength . Whether these are derived from the ancient treasures can be Women Canada Goose Chilliwack freely refined treasures fellow ! " Looking at the front of the gold refining Taoist , Gaocai handed him a Yuping , followed by hands swept away , the Cologne Chamber of the many treasures they flew out of the part before falling gold refining Taoist . Although part of these treasures , but there are hundreds of thousands , and all of them are on the gouring matter . "This, this , these are ancient treasures , with these treasures , we can refining the four images and animal puppets , and even more instruments , magic ! " Seeing countless fetish , gold refining suddenly excited endless, said the forward , his eyes reveal a trace of shock and joy. " National Division get so many treasures , and I certainly flourished Datang ." Before looking at this fetish , the emperor also shake up , a look of shock said. In this said , the gold refining Taoist then immediately continue with the arrangement up and saw gold refining Taoist leave Gaocai God sè a slow , forward looking Shimin said: " Your Majesty has kongtong India , already has the supreme repair as can be comparable to the peak of Kim Sin , rì Datang dominate as long as the human race , His Majesty King's Road supreme achievements since may , why is watching Shinto practice of law, concise Shinto Dhammakaya , which I'm afraid will damage Datang air transport , but also into the homes of the and by the end of the situation ! "Looking at the back of the head looming Shinto Shimin atmosphere, on account of high concern , said that Li Shimin different from other people , is itself Terran emperor , not easily gather the power of heaven and earth incense to practice , otherwise you will loss Datang 's entire air transport , after all, believe in Datang Terran Tang , but not the emperor himself , or one family of faith Tang Li Shimin will be drawn , and the Grand Dragon of the gas transported 'll never learn not faith , and strength will drop, not even guard the entire Chang'an. "I never expected even let MND look out ! " To hear the Word of Gao Cai , Li Shimin smiled slightly , body startled , one wearing a yellow robe sè coronal , middle-aged man of God revealed from behind . " National Division worry , this is a big Tang Zimin non- belief , but during the day dedicated to exterminate a nurturing element Shinto , Shinto practice to borrow small sects and seize the gods , was I used to get Arcane refining ." Li Shimin light light smiled and said slowly forward . This time, a brain also relieved that this practice of the law, a brain have heard , is to use the power of incense developed into a god , and then with the gods bestowed supernatural powers , which is a ancient practice of law, did not think anyone still practicing . Just Gaocai some doubts , some people grasp the key to refining incense gods , the moment puzzled and asked : "Do not know who donated Majesty that Arcane ? " "This is the new deacons but Astronomical Ai Qing Li Chunfeng a gift ! " For the GAO Cai, Li Shimin not hide , says it directly . ______________________
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