Supreme generals anxious hearts

September 16 [Mon], 2013, 18:55
( ) Shen Shaoyang 's vitality has almost recovered , but the body's wound was still bleeding . As the sky realm, can actually trapped Dawson nine master, this record, even now dead , is enough pride, enough amazing . Shen Shaoyang ignore physical injury, now face the enemy is too strong , he can not have the slightest effect , or else the consequence is death. This time, Shen Shaoyang take initiative , he pre-emptive , decisive shot, big hands jīng light flashed , mysterious complex rules in the hands of mobile , he big hands of a program, the void was separated, this is vanity separate big surgery , Shen Shaoyang himself where the space and emptiness where supreme generals to life and life separated. When the void after the separation , Shen Shaoyang turned away. Supreme generals anxious hearts , but he is no way to cross this road moat moment . When he crushed the moat , Shen Shaoyang has disappeared in his sight. Shen Shaoyang all faded atmosphere, plus he was originally a natural blood, the same as with the natural atmosphere , coupled with such a hidden , you want to find out his position , which was prohibitively difficult . Unless the other party has supernatural powers like clairvoyance , or else not even think to find him. Void, the country 's supreme ruler Gen. Shen Shaoyang in looking for the whereabouts , but unfortunately , unfortunately , he did not find a Shen Shaoyang after all escaped unharmed. In the field , many monks looked at the king 's generals country rampage , but no one dared to shot blocking , Jun generals sit on the country's supreme glance Quartet , the cold eyes , no one dared to face , but his eyes are all over the office, all eyes obtain access to backoff . This is a strong performance, which is China Cultivation contempt performance . Supreme extremely arrogant generals , but he does have the arrogance of the capital, who can take him how in the domain of Tai Sin City optical masterpiece , Chongxiao the bright light indicates that Tai Chi Sin City is about a fetish unearthed. This is no longer a secret , according to reliable news, the city will soon be in the domain of tai chi class at least legendary weapons born. This news is sensational xìng , no one not heart . Tai Sin City in the domain of light appeared , has attracted millions of people come. Including some exotic people has arrived. Country's supreme ruler Gen. pedestrian street in walking , he heard this news , he immediately rushed to leave the domain Taiji city. Shen Shaoyang escaped supreme generals to kill later, he returned to the same route back. He at full speed , the rapid rush China Ann City . MAH city huge hidden danger that a number of countries practicing a soul to be king Wuhun Warrior is a malignant tumor , if not eradicate , the country would certainly have become instruments of death monarch , that time did not know how many people will die in the those who have no soul warrior 's hands. In order to avoid unnecessary casualties , Shen Shaoyang only shot will kill them . Shen Shaoyang backtrack , five people arrived after rì Ann City . MAH over the city , a dark mass , the less there are thousands of people standing straight void, one dressed in combat gear , wearing helmets, divinity stern , hand guns stands , filling the soldiers majesty. Do not get orders, these soldiers will not act without permission , and they 've been waiting here supreme generals back. These people are a tool , not their ideas, not their own sense of being cāo completely in control. Shen Shaoyang rushing like a meteor , shot Henla , Feixianguan finger tap , Flying Sword cross-cut , a piece of fallen soldiers . However, they are moving up, danger, they will fight back against . Shen Shaoyang more ruthless , and he do not want to complicate the issue , a direct play Phoenix Soul , refining these Wuhun soldiers crushed . Phoenix Soul too overbearing , too domineering , suddenly , all the soldiers are no refining the soul , the body that ray of their soul is to be into fly ash . Shen Shaoyang received power slowly , drawing back to the belly of the Phoenix , he landed in China Anjo . At first glance , eyes full of heartache and sadness , the king of the country people are too cruel, China Ann City was originally a happy , peace and tranquility of the city , but today it is an accident as a mountain, over all the land was red with blood . Shen Shaoyang look on that corpse , it is China 's good people, and they are not guilty , they are innocent , because the king 's country of greed that led to their innocent victims . Monarch country people have no human at all, simply brute , these people, there is no threat to them , but they do, shot Henla ruthless, physically very weak even these people are not spared. If people do not like this receive due punishment , then what on earth to speak of justice and fairness king country people conscienceless , extinct people xìng. Shen Shaoyang swear, be sure to give them a heavy blow. Looking at these dead bodies , Shen Shaoyang tears are falling down. That kind innocent children saying: I called the Little Wenwen , its innocent face, innocent smile , people very much like his grandfather has been a frail old man , and his life sustenance and care is his grandson , but his dream shattered . Jun invasion of the country , leading them both grandpa and grandson were killed . Shen Shaoyang traveled to China Ann City , did not find a living . The force of Canada Goose Chateau Parka life and life to the dead bodies are being Zhenduan tendons and died without a breadwinner , Sizhuang very ugly , distributed to them bleeding, broken body . Shen Shaoyang evolution in China over the city of Ann big surgery , the dead were all gathered here together , and then forced to come up with a pit, the whole city of people were buried together. If the size of mountains on the tombstone that says " China Anjo 's tomb ." Shen Shaoyang personally buried out Anjo people throughout China . At this time , Shen Shaoyang discovered fluctuations. Strong fluctuations from China came across Ann City Mens North Face Gore Tex Sale . The kind of volatility is too powerful, Shen Shaoyang bet that kind of volatility in the supreme absolute top generals . What does this mean ? Means the country's monarch saint shot. It seems that they are already planning to come for a long time , and this time will certainly China win . Shen Shaoyang not the effect, he propped Red world , hiding himself , that he had secretly track a powerful atmosphere. Shen Shaoyang finally found the man , and that only two people are the elderly , from the face of it, enough to have the age of the sixties and seventies . The two men are very breath of terror, not deliberately putting , but the natural atmosphere circulation . Encounter such a person, Shen Shaoyang absolutely no chance for survival . When the two old man saw a giant monument , they are exposed dignified God sè. Old man, what do you think ? One of the old opening inquired. " Decrepit city MAH think there must be people alive ." Heard these words , Shen Shaoyang heart jump , they do know yourself ? Shen Shaoyang think carefully, and won over . It is not very obvious things do . Since one of us killed China Anjo people, why should they erected it ? This tombstone is only one explanation , and that is China who established the monument . Old man, decrepit that the way it is " our man killed MAH city of the people, but here are net, when our people left, that slip through the net back, erected for these people , they bury . " Old man squeezed the soil on the tombstone , and suddenly a sweep shè to Shen Shaoyang this direction . Shen Shaoyang at the time suffered a cold sweat. Does the other party from the soil to see what he found ? No, Shen Shaoyang shook his head, his hidden so well , but from so far away, can not be found. Stake in each other really found him , it is not expected to be so simple , it must be the Thunder shot , he will kill. Figured this out , Shen Shaoyang no longer afraid , and he calmed down . Old man, you look at this mud is still new , that is , this is just near Tombstone pile up, which indicates that the piece slip through the net must not go far. You see, this is not done gravestone dug , but it comes out with a large tool . From this we can see that it is a simple figure. Go kill him . Decrepit long time without a blood bath , this time will certainly have to bathe your fill. Said blood, two old man very excited , are exposed greedy bloodthirsty god sè, people feel terrible . Heard these words , Shen Shaoyang heart is cold . These two figures is definitely not a good crop , they shot, China will certainly doomed . Must find a way to lead them to go as soon as tai chi city. Shen Shaoyang far followed the two elder. Two old man 's nose is very sensitive, just some one dog and God , they are sniffing the scent forward , where some of the atmosphere, where they were to rush. Watching them bloodthirsty look askew , Shen Shaoyang heart mentioned throats , and he was afraid of those people were killed. But Shen Shaoyang worry is unnecessary, because this two old man who is not interested in the blood of prisoners , they just kill a strong person, physically very weak do not kill people. Shen Shaoyang have a plan , he drove in two in front of the old man , the city of Tai Chi told the Mens North Face Gore Tex Outlet news two people , that they came from two old man 's side , and then revealed out. Sure enough, Shen Shaoyang way played a role, when they heard the news immediately after the sky, flying in the domain of Taiji city. Shen Shaoyang did not track down, he knew that such a figure is very dangerous track , once it has been discovered that they will certainly die without burial . Month agreement is imminent , Shen Shaoyang back into the domain of the time, to which rì. His mind uneasy , with a few of them , and can deal with these ten country people do ? Relative to the ten countries, the strength of these three individuals they really are too slim. If Taiji cents array can not bury them all , what it will bring disaster to China ? Unthinkable , can not imagine . Though scared, but have to face , only indomitable, can these people out of China , but also China a peaceful country. Shen Shaoyang departed , he all the way to fly in the domain of tai chi city . Today tai chi city overcrowded, all eyes are watching tai chi city center , there is a fairy light emitted . Some people go off before , but the man was crushed on the spot , no bones . Taiji cents array is not the finish laughing . Now has to determine , tai chi cents array in protecting a magic weapon , you want to get that weapon cases , you must first break the Taiji cents array . To come here and many people , a variety of race are not too different , but in general , looks are similar, but somewhat different skin sè Bale. Taiji town , crowded gathering , are all experts from the Quartet , Shen Shaoyang Red They agreed time dream has come.
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