What is the English Ginobili jersey

April 23 [Mon], 2012, 12:34
What is the English Manu Ginobili Jersey ? The front spurs on behalf of his team, "Spurs". . . The back is the Ginobili on behalf of his name, "Ginobili". On Ginobili in the world of professional basketball, a pair of brothers at the same time the effectiveness of the same team is not very unusual thing, but Ginobili brothers did in the National League in Argentina, they are the boss Laiang De Luo and her second child, Sebastian.

Sanchez stunned the world by the early 1990s, someone asked the two of them coach, Alberto, Oscar Sanchez: "among them two brothers who better?", Nicknamed "egg": "The best one is the youngest ! "This answer is surprising is very natural, because when Manu is just a 15-year-old Maotouxiaohuo.

Eggs coach Sanchez Ginobili's home is the most intimate friends, even so, he had to contend with this hostess to do long-term struggle for the three brothers into his team. Ginobili's mother La Jieer attitude firmly, she warned Sanchez: "They should first complete their studies, and then consider the play. The eldest not on to finish school give you play, which I never forgive you, I will not allow the same thing occur in the body of Emanuel, I want him to become accountants. "

Mar del Plata Penarol team from the late 1980s, has been ranked the ranks of the top basketball team in Argentina, which makes very envious of their neighbors Jill Metz. In order to emulate the success of the team, Penarol, Jill Metz club in 1987 hired the "egg" head coach, and he brought Ginobili two brothers. Sanchez recalls that era: "1990 short season, Leandro to the next season, Seppo (Sebastian's nickname) has come, he was very young, every Friday wanted to go to work that year, we won the Class B league title ... Why should I take them? The reason is very simple, and their unique conditions. "

Argentina's National League was founded in 1985, it marks the beginning of Argentina's basketball era at that time, the basketball player in Argentina as a whole are proud to be able to campaign the National League. So many years later, Manu Ginobili, confirmed: "I was a kid's dream is to play the national league, rather than the NBA."

Ginobili a living in over 700 km from Buenos Aires, Bahia Blanca, where it can be regarded as the whole of Argentina's most special place, because there may be Argentina only a basketball more than football Popular regions. Ginobili home from North Port Club "However, only 80 meters distance, the three brothers of them is to grow up in this club up, no wonder it is the current Argentina national team coach Sergio Santos Hull Nande Sri Lanka known as the home of basketball. In 1989, Hernandez led of Salta 28 team won the League championship, his team was Manu's two brothers, as well as future members of the Olympic champion, Mongolia and Thailand Nokia, and Manu's first Basketball idol: Lionel and more · Adrian · Monty Verona - an excellent left-handed players.

Hernandez, nicknamed "sheep", commented Ginobili three brothers: "Boss Leandro crazy dedication to win the second Seppo at the right time to the implementation of a critical strike with a cool head, while the Manu is a mixture of his two brothers! "


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