Voila c'est fini ;__; 

August 28 [Mon], 2006, 3:45
THE END Article by Carpy

Voilaaa c'est finii, ont vas pas s'dire aur'voir comme sur le quet d'une garr, Voilaa c'est finii

It's already finished now >o<
I'm soo Saad ;_; T-T

But this summer vacation was verry Great with you! Arigato

アイシテル My BC~

We're in YOUTUBE! XD 

August 27 [Sun], 2006, 20:13
That's just two videos of us ^-^
We added them on youtube XD (^-^)b

In the first video, it's us with our new cut ^^v
And in the second, it's us who are a bit stupid XD

If you wanna watch them, click here :
~ Here!
~ There ^o^v

Thank youu =D

Jaane~ ^^)/

Accident xD 

August 25 [Fri], 2006, 4:57
Yesterday was a good day, but today was a bit different XD

Yesterday :
We went to the cinema, to see *Pirates of the Carabbeans II*, and before the movie, we just went to the water-closed (WC :p) XD
But Melanie and Camille ran on the staircase, and then Camille fell on Melanie, who had badly at the foot >< xD
Of course it was really funny for us, especially for Pauline and Camille ^o^)v And the movie was very good =D

But today..:p
Melanie's foot was very hurt, so she wanted to go to the hospital ^^ And now she has like a plaster during 45 days >o< Poor her:p
She can't walk well, so we don't know if we'll be able to go to the Mac' :p XD

I hope that for you it was a good day =DD

Mardi ^-^v (Tuesday) 

August 23 [Wed], 2006, 1:33

So..:p Today we went to the pool! ^-^)/

It was really funny and cool ^__^ With *Rener* XD
But now we're really tired cuz we swam and laughed too much:p ^o^

Tomorrow :

We'll go to the cinema to see *Pirates of the Caribbean 2* ^^v

And then, the evening, we'll go to the hairdresser >< I don't know which head we'll have:p XD
We'll take some pics after:p ^^

Have a nice dayy!

Aujourd'hui! ^^v (Today) 

August 22 [Tue], 2006, 4:35
Salut! ^-^

We'll talk about us a bit:p So, we're 3 French girls, who are :

Pauline ~ 15 years

You can see us in the pic' ^o^
We love all 3 Japan =D Jfashion, Jmusic, Jmovies and so on.. ^-^
We also like laughing, having fun, singing, going to Mac' [:p] etc =D

Well.. today;

Pauline and Melanie just came to my house =) And we went to shopping ^-^v
We watched *Pirates of the Caribbean*, too =D

Camille ~ 14 years

And tomorrow we'll go to the pool! (^^)b So we'll tell you that:p

Have a nice dayy ^o^)/

And we just want to say that our titles are in French ^-^ (translation in English:p)

Oyasumi~ =)

Melanie ~ 15 years

[The pic' will come:p ^^]

Hello! (^-^)v 

August 22 [Tue], 2006, 3:48
Hi!! ^-^

to our blog =D We wish that it will please to youu =)
You can leave comments, ne! =p

Here, you'll find all that we love
Like our music, hobbys, our days etc.. ^o^

We hope that you'll enjoy your visit!

Matane ^^)/"

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