Batteries Safety Test

March 11 [Mon], 2013, 12:11
Following test should have forced ventilation conditions, and explosion-proof measures within the device. Before the test all batteries must be charged according to 1C shelved 24h, and then the following test.(Dell Inspiron 1545 battery
    1 heavy impact
Batteries placed on the impactor stage, the the 10kg hammer from 1m height freely falling, impact has batteries (batteries fixed to the fixture in the area of ​​the largest surface should mesa perpendicular) impact, batteries allowed to occur after the deformation, but it should be no fire, no explosion.(Inspiron 6400 Laptop Battery)
   2 Thermal Shock
Batteries placed in the hot box temperature to (5 ° C ± 2 ° C) / min at a rate rose to 150 ℃ ± 2 ℃, and held for 30 minutes, the batteries should be no fire, no explosion.(Dell battery Latitude D620)
   3 Overcharge
Will be connected with the batteries of the thermocouple is placed in a hood, connect the positive and negative at a constant current constant voltage power supply, the current regulation to 3C5A, the voltage is 10V, and then charging the batteries 3 C5A, until the battery voltage is 10V current falls close to 0A. Monitor changes in the temperature of the batteries during the test, the end of the trial, when the the batteries temperature dropped to about 10 ℃ lower than the peak. The batteries should be no fire, no explosion.(battery Inspiron 1520)
   4 short-circuit
The batteries will be connected with a thermocouple placed in a fume hood, short-circuit the positive and negative (the total resistance of the line is greater than 60mΩ) to monitor changes in the temperature of the batteries during the test, when the the batteries temperature drops to about 10 ℃ lower than the peak when the end of the trial. The batteries should be no fire, no explosion, external temperature shall not be higher than 150 ° C batteries.(Dell battery XPS M1530)
   5 storage
The batteries should be stored test selected from the production date to test date before 3 months of batteries, the batteries are stored shall be the 1C charge of the standard to charge batteries into the 40% -50% of capacity, and then at ambient temperature stored in an environment of relative humidity of 45% -85%. Storage period of 12 months after the batteries after charging and discharging press 1C, 0.2C discharge time should be more than 4h.(Inspiron 6000 Laptop Battery)
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