What kind of accessories for white wedding dress selection

June 15 [Fri], 2018, 15:49

Put on white yarn and favorite people to enjoy the happiest moment, white wedding dress should be how to match accessories? Xiaobian today to share with you.

1. White wedding dresses are suitable for putting on high-heeled high-heeled shoes. Although China emphasizes redness on behalf of celebrations, it does not match with white wedding dresses. Therefore, the most white-yellow shoes should be silver and high-heeled shoes.

2. The choice of underwear. White wedding dress in the choice of underwear also have to choose according to their choice of wedding dress style, generally in the choice of underwear when the color should choose the flesh or light-colored, so as to avoid inconsistent situations.

3. Beautiful hand holding flowers. There are still many types of flowers in hand, such as spheres, half moons, hemispheres, waterfalls, and so on. When the bride chooses a bouquet, the color is preferably pink, white and champagne.

4. Wear the necklace. The necklace is worn according to the style of the bride's choice of white gauze, too fancy white gauze style is not suitable for wearing a necklace.

The above is the skill of white wedding dresses and accessories that Xiaobian shares with you. I hope that the bride will be able to match her wedding dress and accessories properly.

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