the vision is still remain

May 25 [Sat], 2013, 12:20
The 148 chapter when XX regiment barracks that building after lights out, dark completely enveloped the barracks, Tokai University freshman who lived in the dormitory was dark, quiet, the students after a short excited after chatting, have entered the dreamland. Unlike the school dormitory, the dormitory barracks provide are big bedroom, bed height bed unified, can sleep twenty people. Because the weather was too hot sake, almost every bedroom doors were open, look around, the students naked sleep is called a sink, purring in an unbroken line. Perhaps is afraid to disturb sleep students, Pei Donglai deliberately will footsteps down to a minimum -- every time he foot, feet in the air, Pause briefly, and then step on the ground, almost made no sound. Walk, walk, Pei Donglai footsteps suddenly stopped, with far beyond the human hearing,Coach Online Bags, he heard someone not to sleep, but in talking about what. "East to now has not come back, not really is Sun Weidong the bastard to shade?" "Logically, Sun Weidong should not -- first, in recent years it is very strict requirements for military training instructors and students, no conflict, and to the East and Liu Yue unusual relationship,Oakley Sunglasses Oil Rig, Sun Weidong to the east to have to weigh weigh." "Then why east haven't come back? Hard. Sun Weidong is to prevent divulgence of one's secrets??" Look slightly conversation, Pei East come will tell this is Wu Yuze, Jia Wenjing and Zhuang Bifan three people's voice, heart suddenly a warm, then quickly walked over towards the bedroom. Soon, Pei Donglai walked to the bedroom door, impressively see Wu Yuze, Jia Wenjing and Zhuang Bifan three people around Zhuang Bifan's bed front, whispering. The moonlight in the three person's face, let Pei Donglai can clearly see the three face concern. Well?? Suddenly, Wu Yuze saw Pei Donglai at the door, open your mouth wide, a pair of bedevilment expression. "The East?!" Subsequently, he "Shua" look down from the bed stood up, because too excited,Nike Jordan 7 Shoes, direct hit the upper bed board issued a "bang" muffled. "Oh......" Wu Yuze then put his hand over head, the vision is still remain in the body of Pei Donglai. Jia Wenjing and Zhuang Bifan two people, have been looking to the door. See three people will look to himself, Pei Donglai made a silent gesture, and then smiled and walked into the bedroom. "East, you all right?" "Sun Weidong the bastard didn't do anything to you?" "If what he did to you, tell us, we go to cut him!" Three people may care not whether will waken other students, but the first time to Pei Donglai, it will be Pei Donglai Wai in the middle, have a voice. I hear three words of concern, looking worried three faces, Pei Donglai just feel heart warm, moved at the same time, he gently shook his head: "I'm fine." Hear the words of Pei Donglai, see Pei Donglai no significant injury, three people have breathed a sigh of relief, then Wu Yuze was asked curiously: "east to, since you are not Sun Weidong the bastard Yin, how come back?" Wu Yuze's voice dropped.
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