Even though watches can be made using a variety of materials

November 29 [Fri], 2013, 16:41
Measuring a watch face, otherwise known as the dial, can be a delicate and tricky undertaking. Because the dial must be removed in order to be SHEEN measured properly, you may be better off taking the timepiece to a jeweler or watchsmith. Once the dial has been taken off, the procedure is quite simple. However, measurements must be taken on both the front and back, because the back of the dial has studs for mounting it to the movement. Measure the face of the dial from outer edge to outer edge. If the dial is round, measure the diameter straight across. For all other shapes, measure both the length and width. Turn the dial over and measure the distance from stud to stud. Measure from the left edge of one stud to the left edge of the stud across from it. Note the position of each stud on back as it relates to the dial face. (If a stud is at the bottom, it is at 6:00. A stud at the top is at 12:00. If there are studs at the side centers, they are at 9:00 and 3:00. A stud between 1:00 and 2:00 is at 2:30, etc.) Always measure the distance between studs from one edge of the stud to the same edge of the stud across from it, to allow for the width of the stud itself. Sometimes, dials that appear to be square really aren't. Always measure the length and width to be sure. How to Measure the Diameter of a Wristwatch Case A watch case is the face of the watch, or the main area of the watch with the dial and any other... How to Measure Watch Cases If you are looking to purchase a new watch, you have likely seen that there is a measurement for the watch case.... How to Measure the Raw Opening for a New Front Entry Door When homeowners have the desire to replace their old entry door with a new one, the most important step is ordering or... How to Measure the Case Width on Watches Watches are more than a means of telling time for many people. Watches are a fashion accessory as well as an investment... How to Use a Bezel Dial Watch Watch bezels have evolved since the creation of wristwatches, beginning as a metal ring protecting the watch crystal and moving towards more... How to Measure Watch Size Watch size is a combination of strap length, watch case size その他 のCASIO and width of the lugs, or the metal pieces that are... How to Measure the Diameter of a Case Fan Take a tape measure and measure from one edge of the square around the fan assembly to GショックCASIO its opposite edge. You do... How Do I Get Scratches Off a Watch Face? You know it s going to happen eventually. After wearing a new watch for a while, you are going to end up with... How to Use the Compass Dial on a Watch A compass is a navigational instrument that has a magnetically sensitive pointer capable of indicating the direction of the Earth s magnetic north.... How to Measure a Watch Strap Measuring your watch strap or band is a good way for you to identify your correct fitting size and use these measurements... How to Find the Area of a Circle Using Radius The area of a circle is the number of square units inside of the circle. To find the area of a circle... How to Clean Antique Watch Faces Cleaning an antique watch face or dial is a straightforward exercise. Cleaning the dial can be accomplished by removing it from the... How to Measure the mm of a Wristwatch Case Comments. You May Also Like. How to Measure the Diameter of a Wristwatch Case. A watch case is the face of the... How to Determine the Width of Faces Many people wish to have greater understanding of the shape of their face. Knowing the shape of your face can help you... How to Measure Your Face Shape Your face s shape plays a big role in determining the beauty choices that best suit you naturally. Facial shape, which comes down... How to Bead Watch Faces You can create a stylish and useful piece of jewelry by attaching a watch face to a beaded bracelet. This project will... How to Remove a Link from a Sector Watch Founded by the Giardiello family in Naples, Italy, Sector No Limits has been producing luxury athletic watches since 1973. If you re the... What Are the Parts of a Watch Face? Even though watches can be made using a variety of materials, special features and price points, there are several parts common to... How to Measure a Counter Top Face for Square Footage Figuring out the square footage of your counter tops is important if you plan to buy new ones or have a contractor...
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