soul jīng flock flying out of the wall

July 02 [Tue], 2013, 12:52
One bright light overhead bimonthly foot activated hexagram circle with blood surging waves of blood one hundred women in unison call 'mess messing' momentum skies (). It all looks there is a kind of ritual sacrifice blood believers have virgin! Liuying Nan and Virgin became the best among the besieged walls terrible drop of blood surrounded by blood from the blood of the soul jīng flock flying out of the wall behind them, do not know when there appeared a coffin (). Of course, foreigners used to stand on the ground without a coffin coffin lid but inside it is a dark and like as if nothing had communicated with the dark hell they like there are countless innocent people evil. Drops of blood into the coffin of jīng disappear river of blood in the coffin in the believer's call issued a slight quiver as if some ingenious fierce things out generally terrible breath hub in diffuse. Lingyun terrified whole body trembling but could not move Liuying Nan tightly in her hand she wants to pull out from that moonlight but we feel the more slender Lingyun heavy jin his crazy magic clenching his teeth and said: "You should lose weight!" At that moment heaven seemed as if the earth shattering both shocked the world are gone and their souls like chipping a short dark eyes are a just everything gone. Everyone's eyes are a dark without lights and even days only just disappeared into one of the little moon light are not as if the world had disappeared. Lingyun terrified but fortunately also took Liuying Nan's hand just feel like all of a sudden this hand a lot of big thick skin and stiff joints very long nails like copper casting iron casting generally especially like the back of the hand,Christian Louboutin Pointed Toe Factory, there are many hair feel like grasping needle Lingyun wrong man looked up and saw the dark can not see anything that only two red lanterns. But it seems a little smaller than the lantern and not very bright red,Christian Louboutin Store, blood, blood sè shine like two swords that seemed to pierce the heart. Lingyun and curious looked carefully and saw that the light like a lantern-like there was a touch of translucent deep dark she could see in them his own shadow. Lingyun shocked discovered this was not what the Red Lantern clearly is a pair of red sè deep black eyes that his pupil is able to illuminate the bright shadows. Lingyun not think his zombie village scene when she was kidnapped by zombies coming sharp nails piercing her throat when she shouted in despair Liuying Nan's name then fainted but closed eyes before she vaguely see Liuying Nan seem to have become like a man and looks like a ghost foolishly could not tell (). Lingyun worried Liuying Nan in time will become a monster eyes suddenly lit up blood red one seems to be a red cloth covered his eyes with a sudden surge of osteoclasts yīn wind seemed to be creepy atmosphere cold knife. Lingyun subconsciously through the head suddenly scared her wits in that coffin of a sudden there was a man before she could see the man has become an instant into her eyes open Xuepentaikou two sharp fangs flashing her coldness straight throat go. On this occasion Lingyun Annihilation blow came one arm just felt strongly that big clasped her hands suddenly force pushed her out and she only saw a figure rushed over to the body instead of her is that the fangs bite Xuependakou one behind. Lingyun scared scream subconsciously Bileyanjing ear is creak metal friction sound,Oakley Sunglasses Store, something like a fingernail scratching the glass short people upset voice. In fact, it is the voice of the molar sacrifice has been successful at least half the wake of the success of these foreigners boss just want to wake up the final step is to let him suck Lingyun yīn pure virgin blood. I did not expect a critical moment Liuying Nan pushed Lingyun own suicide instead of just-that blood-sucking monster holding Liuying Nan's neck would dare to bite off the fangs results almost collapse sent a metallic creak sound bite. Began to laugh never used the blue sky six Bristol dare bite ghost body? Just a moment the clouds obscured the moon day here has been filled with blood between heaven and earth to the sun is to cover up all of a sudden Liuying Nan yīn body yīn gas also overshadowed the yang ghost body naturally be yīn gas traction appeared. Lingyun not see him in the dark, he was able to clearly see that Lingyun well behind her coffin is that it engulfed the endless blood jīng soul moonlight and a tall man came out from the coffin pale face stud vascular violence from the clouds like a reptile in the face of which the blood flows like a river flowing and booming (). One pair of sharp fangs like a sickle cusp also lay the blood and just invite the foreigners Lingyun dress almost exactly the same but the coffin men seem more real and more terrifying. And. He appeared to hesitate to open his mouth directly toward Lingyun white neck to bite down. The neck is the most sensitive places Lingyun Liu Yingnan blew blew toward her again let her excited Liuying Nan countless fantasy crazy eating her neck to enhance the mood of the scene so that high towards more durable. So Liuying Nan gnawed yet how to make someone else's neck before eating it? Liuying Nan an open Lingyun own impulse to go Kacha impartial suicide just been bitten neck. Just as the moon disappears yīn rage causing heavy blood sky hook move Liuying Nan body semi-ghost ghost appears and Liuying Nan can control the body but can not play those powerful capabilities but it is enough at least rough skin and flesh are not afraid to bite. Gun down on the ground looking at this scene Liuying Nan horror she'd bitten very concerned mainly Liuying Nan body side is divided into two while her boyfriend turned out to be familiar with long horns fangs bared body horror ghost That boundless Lingyun most feared thing is her boyfriend turned into a monster. Until then his pro who? Man or Monster? After contacts with whom they want? Man or Monster? Lingyun suddenly thrown into confusion in but soon she laughed again. Everything has its two sides xìng another angle to think about this question because it gives me an advantage Lingyun. Human boyfriend and his boyfriend love monster responsible for protecting themselves if a person had two boyfriends love a woman that is thinking if the position becomes interchangeable body Liuying Nan Gun is a semi-ghost is certainly the first consideration which half can 'use' which half can not 'use'.
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