That my classmates Shen hazel

January 14 [Mon], 2013, 14:32

 Squad leader Shen hazel is a cheerful little girl. Her eyes were black and shiny, her nose is a little like grapes, cherry mouth bore out the gold have yellow teeth, she still sported short head of Apple. She always leaning on the Director-General of others, like a fat book, Chaozuo Ye, picking up stuff, she would love to let me dry. Because she and I are best friends, so a lot has happened between us. Today, let me say that I and her story!manchester united home shirt
Day, Zhang Jiayi Shen Hazel made an appointment to go to my house, and said New song row. The consent of their parents, "buddies trio arms around after school to my house. We homework on the living room coffee table. I got up to go get plum, and asked: "Who?" Voice faded Shen hazel jumped up and said: "I want!" She rushed over and snatched a handful. Poor ah, I just removed the barrel of imported plum only twelve. When I am sad, Zhang Jiayi also rushed over, "the rest of the property of my face smirking!" She snatched the jar out of Ben. As a result, the trash can filled with plum nuclear, but one also did not have to. As we desperately homework done, on the computer, about the row of songs completely gone. Nearly 8:00 when Zhang Jiayi remembered things row song: "Oh we have to rehearse it!" So, we stopped to look at the "fruit treasure special forces, Zhang Jiayi quickly wrote a piece entitled" Love and hate. "
After you make a song, we began to rehearse, train well and continue to see fruit treasure special forces, we relish. Suddenly, a phone call to make the video to stop for a moment, turned out to be the mother of Zhang Jiayi to pick. Zhang Jiayi go, and Shen hazel see from the video.
Another phone rings, the the Shen hazel father to pick. I send Shen hazel downstairs. We waited for a long time have not seen her father. So I had an idea, the father said: "anyway, etc., etc. is also dry, it is better to go to the store to buy something!" Dad agreed, and gave me 10 dollars, I grabbed Shen Hazel went straight to the supermarket.pumas soccer jersey
To the supermarket, I kept on urging Shen hazel hurry to hurry to take. Shen hazel it was like visiting the antique old seems to have snacks to eat a piece admire.
"I want this!" Last Shen Hazel took two chewing gum, I also took two.
Shen Hazel's father came home, Shen hazel.
This is my good friend - Shen hazel. Pay such a lively, cheerful squad friend, I also became more cheerful, lively!
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