also requires concerted efforts

February 01 [Fri], 2013, 10:46
"Uh......I can't drink, really......Not really......"All merit a man lying in the hall on the red carpet with raceway.Athena to worry about: "what he is no problem?" Women's Air Max 97;Don't worry.To me, you are probably tired, go back to rest!I put all the gentlemen came back to the hotel canada goose uk sale."I hold my body, I drink might not less than full attention, but usually yuan Zhai master well, this time I also is only the tongue a little straight.Athena by Cher beauty hand waved and said: "well, today play a bit crazy, really very happy, everybody a little drunk, we go back to the company, wait for you to come......"Her face flush, while others do not pay attention to me a leer, I immediately by her look pretty electric lived, was like provoked a layer current, each pore is very comfortable.I picked up my whole Xun as their temporary goodbye, the record company boss already athymia, fans also had scattered about, the few remaining is almost full. And the state, by security personnel to notify their family, friends will take them back, only the whole Xun seems to be alone from South Korea to, local and no friends, I had to temporarily act as a cooly way: "feed!The whole hoon, you'll sleep, tell me the specific location of your hotel!"In vigorously pumping the Xun a slap in the face after, he was God, inarticulate read address, I barely remember, helped him out of the Tokyo Dome, the square was even a taxi is not, have a look, is already two o'clock, can not help but scold a way: "I don't have to go in the past?No, call the taxi company and have a look is not empty, our state even the direction is illegible!"I truthfully say, to call the local taxi company, but the other said there is still empty, but the distance is far, about thirty minutes to reach, let us wait for you, I will be full of Xun helped to the street, in the resting on the street.Mixed with silent night alcohol the spirit of the people more excited, I do not know is not nervous, a vague sense of foreboding, but over time a hint of murderous shrouded in the vicinity, I shook his head to let the spirit more awake, but I knew it, that wonderful feeling disappeared without a trace, "it is some drunk?The fans are too warm, I almost can not grasp the image of the stars, but one didn't reveal Union army commander of rogue in front of them......Huh?So coming?"I beat wine Ge mumbling way, across hundreds of meters away, I heard the sound of a car engine.But more to listen to but more wrong, that the sound of the engine is strong and fierce, according to velocity estimation, there are at least one hundred and sixty yards, civilian Street speed in general in the sixty yards, so a burst of acceleration is obviously not I book a taxi, "what is the rich while night no one in the street drag racing?Then again, Kara Chizuru before the wind locomotive often up to a hundred yards, it is hard to believe that she was so elegant holy image will be of special interest such."I have no sense of crisis in mind.Until the shadows appear in the line of sight of the momentum, the disturbing force suddenly darted out, but a hundred meters distance, the blink of an eye, I almost instinctive action to turn over to the side roll over, a very common accord and straight to my previous Street on into the past, Campbell. I only heard the "bang" Men's Air Max Skyline Running UK; sound, heart dark that bad, although I escaped, but the medal was still there!My wine immediately woke up one half, lie on the ground looking back at the past, saw the light was completely accord car impact severing roll out a few meters, and total Hoon is be the first to bear the brunt of the impact force hit HISTEP high throw to fly, the air pupil is a blank unseeing, blood is ejected from the mouth out, lower limb also shows a strange twist, apparently under extremely severe trauma."The whole!What about you.
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