Chelsea Assembly prepare for morale not low Baoji only theoretically possible

August 15 [Thu], 2013, 13:06
Of course, individuals have the ability to never be neglected. "Evening newspaper Cup shortly before the start, took part in the annual competition of the province, and Liu Guolong is in the game at that time by the provincial sports school teacher wanted. "Hu Jun said that Liu Guolong summer reading only after six years, although it is not the strongest strength, but his last offense always makes the opponent out in a cold sweat, and the defensive back to the backfield is desperate,new balance 1300 australia not even want to be noticed. "Children like Liu Guolong, rise to the junior high school, and then compete with other children, nature reveals its advantages. Which is why our junior high school children, could very easily won the reason. If they are a little more effort, hard work, grew up to enter the professional teams, national teams, there's no problem. ”

Away on Saturday after 1:2 no match for direct rivals Changchun Yatai, Wuhan, Baoji tours of the Chelsea team this season situation hopeless only theoretically possible. In response, whether head coach pulling Millin Xudong Chen, General Manager of the Club publicly admit that the difficult situation, and, according to Yan Zhi through Twitter even if downgraded, Wuhan, Chelsea team will make a comeback next season, another brilliant. From training yesterday morning to see, drow the morale of the whole team is not a sharp decline because of the last League defeat, players still under head coach of figure drawing layout is divided into two groups completed the training program.

Over the weekend, League matches in the 20th round, Chengdu Cheng beat Chongqing lifan 1:0 Jaffe of Stamford, stopped Lien Chan would decline. And the visiting team not only lost the ball more "lost". Competitions, team member Wang Fan ye 26th, to Chengdu, Chongqing fans "finger" of the balance 996 women Such a blatant insult fans, the Chinese Football Association look?

On Sunday, Wuhan drow away challenges Guangzhou teams. Fuli teams this season have started a negative, first 5 rounds 2-3 until the 6th round away beat Wuhan, Chelsea usher 2:0 first win. But then Temple of teams she picked up her game, last away 3:0 after defeating Shanghai East Asia have risen to high scores 5th place.
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