this is a precursor to a leaf

February 02 [Sat], 2013, 18:39
"Damn, this kid is what background?!"See the leaf and Ning frost attitude close, awake suddenly feel very angry, can not help a clenched fist.Walk in several teachers back to see, there is a saying, "now the students more open, this is not to the big two, they embrace together."Another teacher said, "what?As long as you don't make things, people love her long arm long, schools have no provisions, forbid to fall in love?""A generation is a generation of person's living way......" canada goose uk outlet;An older teacher said.Gold s è time is a comprehensive x ì ng consumer sites, both bars, discos, also has a sauna bath, even behind the and hotel accommodation, is all in one service, its status in Nanjing City, with the club in the capital position of almost open they walked into the bar time, time is early, bar waiter seems to have no consciousness to entertain guests now, inside the light is very bright, the decoration is very good, two male two female four waitresses behind the bar, because there is no guests, so chatting.In addition, only a corner of the hall sat inside three or four young women, lots of make-up, at first glance, the past, but also do not see is beautiful, is the kind of can not vulgar feeling, of which there are two and a little older girl holding a cigarette with the fingers, occasionally spray a smoke., look at it carefully, found than ordinary cigarette slightly thin some, is that special lady smoke, estimated to be imported.The relative point of view, the bar waitress seem clear water lotus, look more seductive, they wear black s è T-shirt, very pretty and charming posture, neck of a violet s è scarf, Xi ō ng is also looks magnificent, look the age is not large, the most like seventeen, eight.In all though naturally to the prostitutes who swept to a corner of the storm, but see two girls this behind the counter.The waiter saw a guest comes into play, immediately will light some, and will put up music.Ning frost their classmates and teachers, add up to a total of more than 30 people, was very lively.They suddenly appear in the bar, let the bar and they also feel more accidents.But the driver to send soon came to the bar, took out a membership card to pass the bar waiter, to about box."Sir, please later in the hall, we are cleaning up the box, after about a quarter of an hour will be ready."The waiter looked at the membership card after, immediately respectfully on AFA said."Hurry ah, our guests."AFA said with a frown."Please rest assured, we will seize the time."The waiter replied, "Sir have any special requirements?""Oh, no."A reply, but he thought for a moment and said, "well, two rooms."He suddenly thought of the teacher student mixed up together, is certainly more restraint, so it will be two boxes, we all play each, also do not have so much scruples.They sat in the hall Women's Camp Down Hoody Jacket, wake up call some drinks over here, and some snacks."Ning frost, you drink?"Revive a bland appearance, ran over and asked."Thank you, I'm not thirsty."Ning frost refused to shake his head.To see Ning cream with vane sat together, heart envy mad, but he is also compared with the people, can the tone, turned back to greet the teachers, should be this guy or something, at least to the teachers to greet very lively.This time, a bodyguard leaf came in from the outside."Two little, the information you want."The bodyguard to a plastic folder to open.Open nodded nike air max discount, took the folder, and then said to him, "you get something to drink, people pay for a meal, we don't need."The bodyguards are intended, this is a precursor to a leaf two little to people, they certainly do not need to master save money, so I have to go to the bar for a drink."What is the most expensive?Louis thirteen?No, the O will do.""What, is it very expensive?You when we had no money to pay?""The year enough B ō Er much wine line."
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