End on the early morning of the Liga in the 6th round of a contest

September 25 [Wed], 2013, 11:30
End on the early morning of the Liga in the 6th round of a contest, Barcelona swept through the Royal Society 4-1, the biggest topic of the contest than Mae West was substituted in the 80th minute accident, after the game, little fleas on a personal Facebook reveal dissatisfaction with ideas, and head coach Martino has hastened to be explained at the press conference, however, it can't help but make Mei Xiqiu Blaster on the surface again.
In the last 5 games, Lionel Messi starting, efficient scored 8 goals, however, the game against Real Sociedad match 80th minute, Messi was substituted in without warning and cases, Macy's apparently unhappy at that time, he did not shake hands with coach Martino, but to walk off, the camera captures Macy's a gloomy face.
When the game ended, Macy's issued the following statement through a Facebook account, "before me on this occasion, I didn't ask Martino made any gesture for him to replace me. No one likes to be replaced, but I must accept that the collective interest above all else. I cannot accept media with those comments, much like those imposed on me. "According to Spain media interpretation, Messi is provoking much speech and refused to shake hands with the young players, the one thing Macy's personal image has been smeared.
Of course Lionel Messi against Martino content are included in the Declaration, "I don't have to Martino signed, no one likes to be replaced", air jordan 13 uk Lionel Messi this has more than he wants to stay on the pitch continues to score.
Lionel Messi off the coach Martino seems to be aware of the seriousness of the problem, in the post-match News Conference, he quickly explained, "I know that Macy's does not expect to be substituted, but I have to think about is the Sprint of the season, I have to take care of him. I want to let the team go further,air jordan 28 uk rather than just focusing on one game, on this issue, I have had a talk with Messi. ”
Next, Martino said Massey's body is more important than everything, "no one wants to be substituted, Messi wanted to beat the House. But my idea is to let him rest as much as possible for a while, I could care less about my body, but I must pay attention to Massey's body, I don't want him too hard. ”
It is worth mentioning that, after you end up with a sullen face, Messi made the Act of throwing a bottle, this moment was captured by cameras, Macy 's, this action is provocative to the coach.
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