Compare some design aspects of creative headphones

June 23 [Sun], 2013, 10:17
Go listen to it, a portable headset is the best choice. But is not limited to a particular portable headphones one species, in fact, its type will be more. For example people who like to go out certainly not easy to make your own headphones become cumbersome headphones also choose to go out as far as possible with a minimum as well, the headset is the most appropriate choice in this population. And for people who often need to make and receive calls, the headset with a microphone is more practical for some of them.

So Dr Dre headphones dispute on different groups of people, have begun to more niche products for different users to create a more suitable type of headphones, those cited above is a good example. Although Dr Dre headphones to listen to in order to meet people's needs, but if more functionality is integrated into more convenient to use several. As technology continues to evolve, a new type of headphones also began to appear, such as we can now exclusively carry a headset instead of using audio can also be heard. Often go out to listen to the people, to choose their own habits of headphones is also very necessary.

Here I will follow the different needs of different people, I will introduce several different types of Dr Dre headset products. These headphones are positioned to go portable listening, but because the technology used in different ways and some of the details of the design, making these headphones for different sources and crowds. I hope after reading this article, you want to be able to buy Dr Dre headphones friends, click here to bring some necessary assistance.

For music lovers, perhaps what function do not need to, as long as the headphones sound good enough. Orange Studio Beats is a stylish personality Dr Dre headphones, headset uses a folding design, very easy to carry out admission. Headphones personalized retro styling, dark red with a very chic; which uses a square enclosure designs with alternative street style, which has a circle between silver trim, more prominent headphone fashion sense. Orange Studio Beats headphones with a supra-aural design, breathable leather very comfortable to wear earmuffs, prolonged listening is not easy to produce fatigue. Sound quality, this Orange Studio Beats headphones outstanding bass performance, flexibility, and also good amount of sense, IF thick, warm overall sound style, European style of RAP to listen to music and dance rock are very fit, young people go out good selection.

Handy for people who like to go out, headphones may be a bit like the most, Orange Studio Beats headphones is a specifically targeted at mobile phone to listen to avant-garde fashion, this headset look sleek, polished shell, bright and clean; it uses a dual spell color, looks very stylish. The Orange Studio Beats headphones are integrated on the cable wire microphones, clear sound from the call for frequent mobile phone listening to music with friends brought a call convenience. Headphone wire is also wrapped with a rubber material, which can effectively prevent wire damage, intimate details of the design. The headphones use the-ear design, the soft silicone sleeve fit, wear them more comfortable. Headphone bass in the sound quality is good, very suitable for young users to listen to pop and rock music use.

The moment a lot of friends who like strong bass headphones, which indeed is the performance of popular music of the decision. Headphone manufacturers flagship bass headphones are not uncommon, Orange Studio Beats is a flagship bass headphones, headset style is very different, with a large ear design, looks very prominent personality. Orange Studio Beats headphone earmuffs part with a thickness of 2 cm of the sponge material, very soft, with a sofa-like feel, wear up very comfortable, sound effects are more prominent. Sound quality, this Cheap Orange Studio Beats by dre headphone abundant sense of low volume, the overall warm tone used to listen to dance music, rock and pop music is a very good choice, video can bring tremendous feeling of shock.

That is all I introduce several suitable for everyone to go out to listen to Dr Dre headphones, visible, like people can choose compact lightweight headset, Bluetooth headset with a mobile phone to listen will be very reasonable, and very loving for music only needs a dedicated music headphones will suffice. We should also take into account their actual usage habits and purposes, in which you select more appropriate to their own products, but before you buy, we still need to go to stores to compare the real thing in order to ensure compliance with their own needs.