"Sell leave door" continuously helps south the spring city road"bear a gram" the store wade to sell leave

February 18 [Thu], 2016, 13:19
Recently, the citizen discovered spring city bearing a gram of discount store on one of road development ticket not, payment accepted cash.The industry and business section received a consumer to complain to carry on a survey to the store on August 1 and discovered that it not only don't bear a gram of authorization letter of brand, connect at least of business license all have no, sale counterfeit a false inferior suspicion biggest.The law enforcement official checked to button up the store's parts of merchandises on the spot, currently just at further the survey obtain evidence in.

the small store have never repaired to sell shoes to have no invoice

help south netizen"piece- the house is together" is on the tiny Bo on July 31 to spring city road one bear a gram of discount store to put forward to query, he discovers this store the development ticket only has a small ticket not, if shoes breaking down can fix from here, and the price of shoes is as just about as Gao Fang Xie of the net.

August 1, the reporter arrives at the be located in the spring city road No.277 Tai mansion square of bear a gram of discount store, although just when the shopping high peak at 11:00 expect,this store front door close tightly, there is stranger seeing before more than a hour this store still being opening the door to do business, don't know why so quick close the door.This discount store sees very simple and crude from the external appearance, the whole shop front has never passed by to repair, the cement trace on the ground hasn't cleared and in great disorderly puts some shoes on only three counters, don't say sofa chair, even the mirrors all only accept a silver a cake of before the set, a big advertisement cloth that takes Jordan as a spokesperson is the only decorations in the store, up and impressively write "whole field 3-7 start to fold".