The United States the United States is changed to the auto industry to knock the alarm

February 07 [Tue], 2012, 11:25
The United States Board of voting shareholders to shareholders, and management of foreign relative defeated the win and a pause. This is in the specification of the legal system of the confrontation, also reflect the capital strength is far greater than the social value orientation.

The present results seem to is still uncertain, but if the issuance and Wong Kwong Yu lost the initiative, is United States foreign tendency is very possible. From Bei Tu capital conversion precision time measurement, management Nissan Consult 3 and foreign capital already begin to invest and extruding the Huang family. If the United States into the United States of America (foreign investment capital control ), household appliances industry chain is the commanding elevation control may be lost. If the United States in the foreign capital after controlling management promotes considerably, to Su Ning to give out, then the appliance industry high-end channels control is dangerous. Which is the country's 12.5 period wants change to grow way, realize the industrial upgrading of the impact is very big, household electrical appliance industry must continue to become world factory.

Household appliances industry in the domestic situation to control is the reality, do not think that public power can change the decision of the board of directors, or capital to the world.

Some people say quite yellow pie hit two cards to flashing Chen sent, is the first national brand, second is the ethical brand, this is not good. I was completely bystander, automobile and home appliances but are in circulation field fighting whirlpool, I do not approve of this confusion national interest view. The United States is not a simple company for equity. Lost its domestic control, the result was lost to the national capital development important channel, it is home appliance big loss.

This is not controllable risk situation of private capital in sustainable development sounded the alarm, is on the national economic security sounded the alarm, so that the domestic capital sustainable development warning, is to the automobile industry alarm.

One, the automobile industry channel contend for

The United States is the representative of the home electrical appliance industry channel contention, the United States the United States brought change channels to be foreign capital control risk is huge. Tony 's capital when exiting J2534 interface the take over is not controllable, together after the foreign control of Gome's great possibility.

Automobile industry is also facing the risk. At present the most challenged policy is imported car brand monopoly system, this is a typical country policy, the result is that foreign access to huge channel control.

Why so expensive luxury cars, the increasing appreciation of the renminbi in the context of China, foreign car to sell hundreds of thousands or even millions of yuan, the reason is that foreign channels monopoly, which is the result of domestic and foreign car line of the core causes. The United States into foreign control, the effect is similar to the luxury car control channels.

Two, joint venture equity equivalence in the stormy

Joint venture 50: 50 equity is always precarious, the reason is that foreign hope that through the control joint ventures and control the whole channel and supply chain, the domestic industry chain, it is of great economic security risk.

The luxury car due to high growth is the first domestic luxury demand can not be stopped, followed by the foreign control of the channel, the integration of domestic banks and other resources, form more powerful channel control system, in order to gain excess profit. Although this gain profit rich profits, but also is the important way of outflow of wealth.

Three, familial capital to auto industry

The United States of America GM, Chrysler 's fall, Ford is retained, the world automobile industry back to the family business feature is clear. Ford 's independent development to become the American spirit.

The domestic auto industry development also need similar family industry sustainable development, the development of technology and the accumulation of industry's rapid development, after all, family enterprise is the industry in VAS 5054A the ages to come, the responsibility and the inhibition of short impulses of the risk prevention and control effect is obvious.

But the United States is typical example, domestic capital turns out may be safety practices, but also prevent many risks, coming from virgin and the investment will be more and more.