Experienced a slightly converging in the first half

October 14 [Mon], 2013, 15:30
Experienced a slightly converging in the first half, Brazil team the second half suddenly starts overall free run 3 blue strength, pour forward, played positions of smooth fit, while Korea is struggling to cope. On 49 minutes, Paulinho in the Center to send out another stunning penetration of the ball penetrated Korea 4 defensive players, Oscar, won't miss a single opportunity after he easily set to attack Zheng Chenglong comes into the House. Neimaer continues to shine the stars, he frequently drawing back to organized ball, high speed to break through and move on Middle Road, as well as continuous bicycle, but unfortunately the subsequent volley a volley but there is a foot long shots and a foot higher than the goal, Tai Chi of declining morale and the fierce tiger lost the first half, Brazil tamed by the terrible power of the people.
This match into Croatia two balls, known as Drogba successor Loukakou, as early as at the age of 17 in the free run 3 volt Anderlecht became famous, born in 1991, Ajaria 20 player won two French honour, 26, Captain weiertongheng had 51 national team experience. In addition, Fei Laini, debulaonei, Joachim du Bellay, Wurtzell and other people have also been recognized as a top footballer demon who don't forget national teams are also on the injury list now 2013 year Premiership goals up forward captain of Bentke, as well as Manchester City Kompany.
He also continues to talk about the weekend with Bayer Leverkusen's draw, he believes the team's overall performance was good, but finally ended in a draw a little pity. He said: "when we are in complete control of the scene, right to freely dispose of the ball, feeling pretty good. However, when the game finally ended in a draw, you will feel as if there is spare capacity there, and such a draw so we don't have to get all three points, it's really a shame. "Krause for Bayern in all competitions 14 appearances this season, and had a ball recording.
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