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August 20 [Mon], 2012, 9:59

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nike free brand attached to the Guangzhou Daphne With rich experience in production, the advantages of bold Nike product innovation, advanced marketing concept, the Nike operating in both ways, has been awarded the "National Quality Trustworthy Products", "Zhejiang Consumer who rely on the honor of the ten quality brand " in the same industry, first through the ISO9001 quality system certification. Nike Company's success has laid a solid foundation for the development of the brand!

Nike Air Max 2012 brand to the mainstream design, sophisticated style, good quality, fascinated by the many women who love fashion, based on the market with its unique image of the Nike brand, can be very optimistic about the prospects in the country. Due to deep levels of consumer demand has long been repressed and ignored, Nike market needs a reliable brand, Nike brand makes the entire market has become colorful also join venture to see a better future. Free initial fee, to provide training and guidance, assist in the operation, the whole gift shop fitting, 100% transfer replacement, VIP customers unified management. All preferential policies for the Nike brand to join the distributors tailored, to solve the problem of Nike early days of the shortage of funds, and limited experience, to truly enjoy the benefits of the success of the Nike brand.

nike shoes online brand marketing also spared no effort, major national TV, a specific negotiation, the establishment of a preliminary cooperation intention. Nike brand advertising in the name of TV channels and local TV stations continue to broadcast, as the expansion of the Nike brand awareness, improve the means of the Nike store turnover at the same time start the CCTV advertising investment plan, to show a more diversified media quiet, beautiful, noble, elegant Nike products, joining the dealer to win the consumer's favorite.

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August 18 [Sat], 2012, 9:46

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Analyze the impact of season on the nike free 7.0 corporate; you first need to define the concept of the season, a clear division of the season. Common divided into two dimensions, one climate, and is a popular element. Year divided by climate, seasons four quarter ; popular element points four seasons can be further divided into summer as the spring, summer, summer and autumn, autumn and winter, winter and the winter and spring, six quarter, the popular elements of particles ever refinement, can produce a finer division, division to the extreme is ZARA model. In order to distinguish between the four seasons on the season and in the usual sense of the Nike industry, giving the former a name, called the Nike products quarter.

nike air max 2011 products quarter sales promotion as a business cycle of all business operations of the center of the enterprise. The main object of the Nike products quarter product orders, the main executor of the Nike marketing company in the supply chain, research and development, procurement and production company. According to Nike characteristics of the industry, the operation of the product quarter can be divided into six phases: requirements analysis, product development, review orders, product groups, sales promotion, and summary assessment.

Product development stage research and development company seeking analysis stage marketing company through the analysis of internal and external information in the annual demand for nike free 5.0 products outline guidance to determine product demand plans for each product quarter for planning quarter product development plan ; Nike product planning needs to develop product programs, and research and development. Nike product development process, the companies, marketing companies and sourcing companies closely cooperate to monitor and control the early development of the Nike product development, mid-term review and post the three stages of Final Appeal ;

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August 17 [Fri], 2012, 9:55

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Beijing yesterday morning, the London Olympic Games officially closed. Fujian London very far apart, but the nike free corporate and close to the London Olympics: the Chinese sports delegation was wearing a Nike repeatedly on the podium; the sprinter war, sprinter Justin Gatlin foot Xtep boots; 100 meter breaststroke champion South African frog king kiss Medals, the body dark green clothing from ERKE, Nike statistics, during the Olympic Games in London, the delegations of 21 countries dressed in 8 Min enterprises manufacturing " shirt " appear in the game.

Olympic Games in London, the highest frequency of appearance of Fujian enterprises brand is none other than the cheap nike free. As the 2012 Chinese Olympic Committee in 2009 sportswear partner, Nike for the Chinese delegation, especially to build the Olympic award suits Champion Long service, which means that the Chinese team won 88 medals, Nike prize stage debut 87 times, makes it the highest exposure of the Chinese sports brand in the Olympic Games.

In addition to Champion Long service "nike shoes online "vertical and horizontal" cross-border marketing, is the industry rating for the current Olympic marketing classic sample. According to the Nike brand market center director Shi Rui, London during the Olympic Games, the home of the Nike also established with the Chinese Olympic Committee for deeper cooperation in organizing multi - field athlete to meet the media activities, interview exchange platform for the media and athletes. "To do so, the London Olympic Games, the Chinese media, Nike can get the maximum resources; promote a culture of the Nike brand to have a broader, more authoritative voice platform."

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August 16 [Thu], 2012, 9:44

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cheap nike free run products as essential to life supplies in recent years the development trend is very much industry attention. Compared with other industry products, Nike products in the short life cycle, with significant variability and cycle characteristics. These characteristics determine the shoes and apparel industry, a significant feature: a strong seasonal. So, the seasonally strong to Nike corporate, what is it?

The one hand, the obvious seasonal characteristics requires more sophisticated and more timely to the market reaction Nike Air Max 2012 corporate management and collaboration of various departments of the enterprise with more effective ; the other hand, the cross-listing of more than one season of Nike products, several aspects of the overlapping easily lead to confusion Nike internal work Nike corporate overall coordination of operations diminished capacity, supply chain collaboration between the downstream sector.

Not difficult to see the seasonal characteristics of the cheap nike corporate high demands and challenges. From season to start to analyze the Nike supply chain management can sort out the whole business, make the supply chain on all aspects of benefit, can effectively solve the above problems. For example, the Nike foundry for the process of production of sandals, shoes, and cotton-padded shoes are different, if it according to the characteristics of different seasons to plan procurement of raw materials can significantly reduce production costs and shorten the goods time.

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August 15 [Wed], 2012, 9:52

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At the same time, nike free 3.0 companies to abandon the direct sponsorship of London, another grim related to the economic situation and the present. On June 12 this year, Li Ning sports announcement that the fourth quarter of this year, Nike amount of orders fell by double digits. In earlier, Nike sports announcement, said the amount of orders also showed double-digit percentage decline. At the same time, Li Ning sports inventory last year, up to 1.13 billion yuan, 2 times in 2008, the Nike sports, and Xtep inventory reached 618 million yuan and 671 million yuan.

nike air max 2011 survey results showed that 80% of Olympic sponsors and does not achieve the desired effect, and some even have no effect. No one dared to gamble in front of presumptuous claim victory, behind in the betting on sports marketing is shy and short-sighted business logic in the capsule of the Nike brand.

Public information, from the Beijing Olympics to Shanghai World Expo, to the moment the London Olympics, Beijing Crystal Digital Technology has always been closely linked with the social hot events. cheap nike Company's future is a global leader; the Beijing Olympic Games is an important opportunity for the London Olympics is thoroughly international projects in London and Nike consecutive losses.

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August 14 [Tue], 2012, 9:46

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62 sponsors, sponsors the team number of the most nike free 5.0, Heng Yuan Xiang, strategy music, all sponsored by all 31 teams. 361 degrees, a rising star in the sports brand, compared with national team of hockey, modern pentathlon, cycling, softball, handball, triathlon sponsorship. In addition, Nike and Sun Yang, Chinese swimmer signed a sponsorship agreement. Not only the athletes, the Olympic coverage of the CCTV sports channel reporter group also won the 361 degrees of the equipment provided.

nba shoes " wide net " strategy has received the results, along with Sun Young in the 400 meters freestyle Lectra South Korea's Park Tae-hwan won a gold medal, Nike ads play a major role by Sun Yang in the various channels are broadcast in a timely manner. According to analysts, if launched in 361 degrees, Sun Yang, sporting goods, will be sold, and if we can get long-term endorsement of the Sun Yang be selling a huge role.

In addition to the local sponsor, the internationally renowned sports brand is still active. nike shoes australia sponsored 13 Chinese men and women soccer team, volleyball team of men and women, men and women taekwondo team, male and female fencing team, the Chinese boxing team, the Chinese men and women judo team and other sports teams. In addition, the Chinese national basketball team, weightlifting team, wrestling team, track and field team, tennis team, archery team, and beach volleyball team of seven Chinese Legions will be wearing Nike sponsorship of sports equipment to play in the match. In addition, Nike star athlete Liu Xiang, Li signed a sponsorship agreement, and competition equipment specifically designed for them.

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August 13 [Mon], 2012, 9:56

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In the world in the nike free 5.0 forum to speak yesterday, long an opening to suggest that we should not blindly lost Nike market confidence, especially on the U.S. market do not give up. He admits that he is very optimistic about the recovery of the market of the United States Nike, the most recent employment rate of recovery, bank profitability is rising. "

Long view that the global Nike Air Max 2012 industry experts gathering in Dongguan, is very conducive to the development of global positioning Nike enterprises, Dongguan, with the introduction of technology digestion talent, absorbing the world 's most advanced technology capacity, build Dongguan global Nike manufacturing, production, supply, personnel the training base has been a matter of course.

Long believes that now is the great period of China 's accession to the WTO ten years, Dongguan, Foshan and other places made ??a great contribution, these Nike Air Max 90 processing and manufacturing should be said that the contribution to the pot of gold for China's economic development, environment paid the price, the country also see the historical contribution of Dongguan Nike transformation of these areas should be supported in many ways.

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August 11 [Sat], 2012, 9:39

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In addition, nike shox on the choice of materials is also very elegant. Each pair of Nike high-quality fabrics manufacture, production processes have been strict control and final monitoring. All of these details of Nike bear the distinctive qualities.

We all know, the shoes market ushered in an unprecedented challenges and opportunities; nike free 7.0 corporate is gearing up, and strive to be able to fully enter the Nike facing the industry before the coming dawn, seize opportunities, take the initiative, successfully navigate the market. Nike industry will usher in a new era of development.

2012 Nanjing Asia Outdoor Trade Fair came to an end last Sunday; nike free event demonstrated the professional level. This reporter learned that this year's Nike industry has whipped up a low-carbon wind, and coffee grounds can be made into a jacket, beverage bottles made of mountaineering packs. At the same time, the outdoor products market is further broken down, the Nike corporate development of women, children, special items.

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August 10 [Fri], 2012, 9:53

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nike air max 2011 chooses to close its only factory in China before, another industry giant Nike has been closed production line. Time further back, before the evacuation of Adidas and Nike, Clarks, K-Swiss, Bakers Footwear giant has also have an additional production line in Vietnam, Indonesia. Analysts pointed out that, as Nike, Adidas and other foreign clothing giants have closed the factory in China mainly because Chinese labor costs rising in recent years.

Reporters see the South China electronics factory Industrial Park in Dongguan long shot "monthly income of 3000 yuan" advertising, not far from thinking and plant advertising is "Chengpin men and women general workers, comprehensive monthly wages 2100-3200 yuan ". Labor costs rise so that the air jordan shoes business owners a headache. Nike strict boss told reporters that now profit margin is not that high, if the employee wages rose too fast and will allow Nike enterprises are facing the risk of not making any money.

The in Dongguan interview, the reporter hears such a story: a family of Nike Air Max 2012 business ten years a machinery factory labor costs began to rise in four or five years ago. In order to retain workers, Nike factory to the workers to an annual average of 10% wages, and also provides four quarters and three meals a day treatment. In 2010, labor costs "skyrocketing."

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August 09 [Thu], 2012, 10:34

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Wang forward said: " do electricity suppliers in China most of the nike air max 2011 corporate, not to build a network brand, but to add one to melt channels. If long-term target price fight, the damage of the Nike brand will be very large." "If the control is not good the Nike electricity supplier channels would be more likely to cause inventory."

He said that the Nike Air Max 90 brand, for example, at the end of the third quarter of last year, where the customer 's total inventory of up to 1.445 billion yuan, almost half of its 2011 annual sales. Where customers such clothing electric provider brand, relying on the competition line that is cheap to the market, when a decline in sales style, hard to like the Nike brand in the line as close to the big discounts to digest the inventory.

German Federal Statistical Office, Wiesbaden, August 2, 2011, Germany, nike free run 2 imported 47.2 billion euros worth of textiles, clothing, leather goods and shoes, an increase of 13 percent in 2010, such imports of goods amounted to 417 million euros. And 2010, mainly Nike supplier in China, Turkey, Italy, Bangladesh and India.