attend to secretly regretting is also green

October 18 [Thu], 2012, 18:18
insurance of escaped metal, be turn head to see those, attend to green rejoicingly the in the mind noodles also rose just some little despair at the same time.Attend to green pull out a waist of the gun of gun set inside, oneself now already didn't of the advantage can talk, can walk the dr dre beats one step calculate one step.Looking at in front the centipede of distance after staying back several steps backward not, attend to green resolute button up next trigger, the momentary laser doesn't want money of shoot toward the variation centipede.The centipede knows that these rays build not to become to oneself what injury, painful is a little bit painful, however the skin is thick also insignificant.So, centipede at 1.1:00 of and attend to green drew near distance."At a little bit near at a little bit near."Looking at the centipede that closes to toward oneself, attend to green dr dre beats in the mind noodles to continuously shout, the left hand doesn't know when at the same time from keep thing ring in turn over a hand thunder.See centipede's leaving oneself only don't arrive 10 meters and attended to green resolutely fling out the hand thunder in the hand, "Mao Mao" hand thunder just rolled the head of centipede under, but just just had a little the centipede of course not of Gao Deng living creature consciousness to know at present this was black the thing helping is what.Suddenly, the variation centipede seemed to smell what dangerous smell, dr dre beats wireless the hand thunder exploded when the tail would give the thing that brings oneself a dangerous information to sweep a part.Is all warehouse of wall on all sides in immediately ring out a deafening sound, the impact wave produced by hand thunder explosion lets to attend to green fully retreated more than ten rices.A bottom sits to in the ground, looking at the front starts to roll of one big slice of dust, attend to green finally exhaled an one breath, finally ended.The shout voice that the "Zhi" whole body sharpens let to sit on the ground of attend to green whole individual to suddenly spring up, "bastard, this didn't die."The dust spreads to go gradually, but while seeing the centipede that broke to touch beard, attend to green in the adlifaukl mind noodles to pull out cool pull out cool.Drive deep-fried break two centipedes that touch beard to originally be suffused with bewitching different red of double the eye is reder, it obviously has already cut up rough extremity, drive deep-fried break dr dre beats 2 to touch beard absolutely is an absolute disgrace, and still just oneself see the mankind who play to casually he or she.Must give at present this damned mankind to tore to pull into fragment, otherwise whole can alleviate its at heart, it hates.Attend to green obviously don't know that dr dre beats it is just thinking what, although red eyes that see that monster beat tours bewitching difference have a little by himself/herself scared, however bring this monster to order injury or let to attend to on the whole green is ordered to encourage.Now that the hand thunder can bring injury to you, I feed more point for dr dre beats you.Embrace this viewpoint, his step quickly moves and be to leave centipede definitely distance after, the one and beats by dre studio headphones other hand thunder flings out from attend to the green hand, "kill by explosion you this monster, let you still just my in front pack to force and see you not to become minced meat."Lambaste attending to of centipede green seem to be already to see the appearance that the centipede become a lousy mire."Pa" one Be pure to loudly let to attend to green double of eyes immediately the Zheng is big, "Pa Pa Pa" voice is attending to a green front to continuously ring out later on, but when see originally throw don't differ to return to return oneself toward a the hand thunder of centipede, attend to green strange call a , hurriedly avoid being seen everywhere."Bomb" to ring along with each voice of explosion, the supplies in the warehouse drive deep-fried a full sky of fly, and attend to secretly regretting is also green, all strange oneself considers week not, supplies, must stay some residue for me, I hereafter still have to depend you.1"bomb", avoid being seen to cannot compare with of attend to green drive an impact wave to lift to pour in the ground, looking at a maimed left leg, attend to green despair.Can not run, this not is keep oneself waiting dead.The hands support ground and unwillingly stand up of attend to a green facial expression to suddenly fall grave.Oneself now is really be placed in a life and death edge.BE living is the all arise from one wrong idea that dies really in this monster."Pa" is again that one is pure to ring, however isn't the voice that the centipede tail taps hand thunder this time, but clap is attending to the voice on the green body, back that to touch shocking wound of eyes to

dr dre beats

let oneself almost pain faint, "this beast is tormenting me."The blood in the exhalation mercilessly looking at at present centipede.Is 1 of "Pa" again, attend to green whole individual to mercilessly bump shot at wall up, this bumps an earthquake the viscera seem to be all move, at fallen off the moment on the ground, attend