Recent posts point out that mobile phones sticker although protected

July 05 [Fri], 2013, 10:41

Recent posts point out that mobile phones sticker although protected, but easy to let users appear the symptom such as dizziness, vertigo, blurred vision, is considered to be eye health "killer". To this, the expert said that mobile phone film is only damage to the eye health "booster", close your eyes for a long time is the "culprit" harm eye health.

According to YueHui introduction, head of ophthalmology at the fourth hospital of changsha, when the spread of the light into the density of different medium, the propagation direction will change, this is the refraction of light, mobile News sticker on the refraction of light, to a certain extent determines the health index of mobile phone sticker. If citizens phone sticker will not be changed for a long time, chaotic scratches keep the cell phone screen display looks much more arduous, ciliary muscle of the eye often is in nervous condition, the lens keep larger tension, eye health is more vulnerable to damage.

YueHui reminds, people should pay attention to mobile phone sticker transparency, transparency, the better, the refraction of light degree will be less, influence on eyes is reduced accordingly. At the same time, should pay attention to mobile phone film surface smoothness, to timely replacement has wear away the sticker. In addition, the residents to pay attention to the quality of mobile phone film, should be the relative wear resistance, and has no odor or irritating smell. Sticker should pay attention to avoid air bubbles, especially in the common data, must not have the influence of air bubbles.
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