Online Shopping!!! =)

April 29 [Fri], 2011, 0:57
Hi Peeps,

I am getting addicted to online shopping!!! In fact, I now find the clothes in stores EXPENSIVE.
HAHA! And to my surprise the quality is rather good : )
In just a month, I bought close to 8 pieces of clothing!!! Oops!
But i m HAPPY. Its time to change my wardrobe- haven bought a single T-shirt till now : )
I am impressed by my self discipline *Good thing yeah~
I can't be a little girl forever, have to start growing up though abit late but not too late right ? XD
I have to keep to a max of 2 purchases/ week.
*i am sure i can do it! Yosh!

I think i am getting used to dresses already! Yippie!
Its easier to choose than tops and bottoms.
And only need to wash a single piece Xd

*Byebye! I wanna use my FACESHOP raspberry sleep on mask before bed! : )

Oyasumi~~~~ Zzz.z.z..z

Monday Blues? Its true.

April 04 [Mon], 2011, 23:42

Hoho - My hair is getting longer already...

Felt like dying it brown again but it will damage my hair : (

My test is coming this Friday.
Ooo... cooped up at home for the past weekends...
Can't help but my itchy fingers started clicking away.
Will reveal my purchases when they arrive kekex.

Timbre Old School

February 28 [Mon], 2011, 0:31
Went Timbre with my Buddies on Sat night.
i enjoyed the night thanks for the support ^.^ HEE.
Missing my Margaritas Lime le HOHO... and the Duck pizza XD
Bought YUI figurine too! Yeah- Going to place her on my work desk.
*See her makes me happy : )

Haiz my babyfats- i wanna lose them!!!
HMM...okie aim to lose 3 kg by this year!!! XD

Alice in wonderland.

February 24 [Thu], 2011, 22:57

Have been waking up late for the past few days...
Something must be wrong with my body clock haha!
*Decide to wear new clothes to work and less specs kekex.
Specs only on school days~

Thank u Denis~ For giving me a BTI tour again XD
I really appreciated it.
A bit pai sei too, that i have been living in my own world for the past almost 2 years : )
Sometimes, its not that i dont wanna talk to ppl but dont know what to say to them XD
Haha! So kept quiet loh. Listen can it...
Haiz, i m so pathetic can.
Worst when they are the same....

Sleeping at 10.30pm tonight =)

Microbial Cells ->Animal Cell Technology

February 23 [Wed], 2011, 16:42
Next week, I will be moving over to join the ACT group, deals with CHO cells.
Its will be a good exposure into the world of cells- culturing, pass-aging...
With new environment comes new responsibilities~
Hoped everything will turned out smoothly and I able able to carry out my duties well.

Yup, Rather sad that MC is to be gone too... T.T
We had a farewell lunchie for Denis. Yup. Good luck in your next job. : )
Glad that everyone had fun. Work hard and play hard.
I will keep the memories with me and make new ones at the other side.
i am a newbie at cells stuff so hoped that everyone can accommodate my endless doubts XD

One thing for sure, I got to treat journals as a storybook though it bores me to hell... muhaha!

*Mum discovered the clothes i hid O-ORH!* XD

Great night with ACE

February 20 [Sun], 2011, 13:40
Hanged out with my ACE team ytd.
It felt really great. =)

We had a EAT and SHOP day at ION.
I told them about changing my wardrobe, wanting to get more adult clothes, less T-shirts.
They aided me in looking for clothes that fit my style and not complaining about the time i took trying them out.
I am very grateful.
I think i am doing well so far, but the entire process is rather costly haha!
I have been shopping for lotsa lovely dresses XD
*Happy to have them in my wardrobe.
I will wear it out more often too.
One thing working environment is not appropriate to wear dresses and heels T.T
Sob. most people wore T shirts and jeans, which is what i m wearing now.
Yup, hmm...maybe i can get nicer tops bah! Hee.
Wanted to get some from local blog stores but i dont have any contacts for now haha!
Got to do some homework already XD

We ate at WATAMI for dinner. Really yummy cos have my hotpot~ so nutritional- Love it.
Followed by some sides and matcha icecream!!! *though its not as rich but still okie : )


January 28 [Fri], 2011, 23:32
Should take more grown up photos from now on XD
Well, its more appropriate too.
Or else everyone continue to call me "Xiao mei" till ...dunno what age.
I will pai sei also XD
I will try to be more mature and keep my character (> . <)


This loquat herbal candy is SUPER GOOD for sore throat!
Thanks mum!!! = >

So touched how mum bought my FAV blueberries!!! MAMA!!
It's packed with Vitamin C! My sore throat will definately clear fast XD

Another of my Gmarket Haul~ Their shoes r very NICE!!!
Will continue to support~ Changing my wardrobe to Korean style ^.^

I bought the same Skull necklace as Hongki!!! Yeah!
Will wear it thought mum say skulls r evil XD

Gmarket Kr #1

January 09 [Sun], 2011, 1:14
Yippie! Presenting my first haul from Gmarket Kr! Totally Korean style!

My slight dented EMS box, it arrived on the 4th day after ordering!!! Fast, considering it's air flown from Korea! :)

Various packaging from diff sellers.

Slightly over-sized but still okie : ) Another clothing is too thick to wear in SG!! haha!
But the quality is really good; even at a low price!

Another bigger bag for school.

My Best Buys!! Love the SHOE!!! ITs so comfortable!
Gonna buy more soon!
Remember to get a size bigger! E.g for 39 i chose 40 (250) for covered heels.
Its loose by one finger but better than tight! haha

Yupe! ITs nice haha!

Satisfied! : D

New year resolutions? : )

December 28 [Tue], 2010, 16:47
Yeah! *Happliy watching "We got Married" - Now on Victoria and Nichkhun!

AWww..they are so sweet, melting in my seat..
*Envy~ Korea is so much fun

i wanna go again!

Hmm...Maths test 2 is coming! Really sianz! My mood goes crashing down...
Anyway FIGHTing! to me.

Coming soon this Friday is New Year Eve, wow...2010 passes really fast!
Time for some resolutions...kekex

1. Get my driving license
2. Take more polaroid photos
3. Better time management
4. Be more outgoing
5. Sleep earlier
6. Ok..dress better to work (Cannot be lazy)
7. Visit grandparents house more often
8. Make time to exercise!
9. More outings with friends!
10, Pick up reading XD

Wow... that's a lot for a start.
Well, we must get better every year! right?!!!

Yeah! mum's cooking tonight! *Looking forward to hot soup! : )

AH i shall be happy everyday~ Muahaha

Eventful post

November 19 [Fri], 2010, 16:45
I had a dream this morning, minutes after i woke up...LOL

*In a familiar kitchen by the stove preparing to cook something...
My buddy was beside me,
I remembered holding a pot of chicken stew,
and he showed me the gravy by tilting the pot side ways.
Then i was holding an onion in one hand and a knife in another...
As i attempted to slice it ended.*


It was a really special dream, so i remembered it clearly.
Wonder if there's any meaning behind it.. but i felt warmth.

Anyway, i finally bought my PS3.
My first game was Heavenly Sword, action adventure genre.
Pretty entertaining but the story is rather short.
I am facing the final boss in 3 days...

We went to Courts to get a new HD LED tv as well.
Its really affordable nowadays. Should have changed it long ago.
Damn satisfying to watch movies/gaming in HD *SHIOK*

Yesterday night, I got my hands on Final Fantasy XIII.
I was amazed by the HD blue ray graphics.
Thumbs up to Square Enix : )

I overspent this month.
My wisdom tooth extraction scheduled soon (Dec) is going to cost a bomb.
SIANZ... going to be chipmunk. Haaa...

Harry Potter part 1 is OUT! Catching it with dear stinko this Sunday : )
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