the other side 

August 27 [Tue], 2013, 19:02

I noticed that I'm lonely.
There are no people around me.

I've been alived with cruelly.
The appearance like hell.

I always reached the glorious light.
I lost something in return for ゙it゙.

If you know that which is right way,
you disclose the truth to me.

I close my ears and she laughs.
She is watch of hell.
If close my eyes,
I fall from゙the other side of paradeis゙

Why do the people hurt dach other?
It has no meaning to hurt.
Why do the people cause.
When I didn't know the answer of hurt,
I ridiculed all.
When have I lost such a precious feelingof ererything and you

The spots no a die hinders to walk.
I can't step forward ahead.

If die alone with my feeling for you,
Do I feel relieved?

Still,I believe you.
I have not believed you're betrayer yet.

There is my゙the other side of paradeis゙

If the end which we reach is failure,
I grant everything of the end.
Even if lost all,
I won't fear livingon the future.

To Believe you is better that waithing for the cruelly end.
I'll be walking with my eyes,
heart on the thorny path that continues to heaven.
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