February 06 [Sun], 2011, 4:01


Crazy days!!!

February 06 [Sun], 2011, 3:34
아이고~~~ (>ㅇ<)

These days have been so crazy!!

University has become really fun!! (By now) but everything is going really fast and doing things all the time

I dont even have a life with my music animore!!!!! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

I was always looking after the groups I like all day long, but not anymore.... so sad

But I am falling more in love with my profession~~ I'm engaged with the fashion desing ㅋㅋㅋ

I also have been missing things with my friends, but its a sacrifice that I have to make, I still love them all.

So~ I will try to update whenever I can, I won abandon the blog again, I promise!!!!! ♥



December 28 [Tue], 2010, 11:05
Hace mucho que debia este blog, y por alguna razon decido escribirlo en español.

Hace dias que queria compartir mi felicidad y orgullo hacerca de dos grupos musicales muy diferentes entre si pero que reciben el mismo amor en mi corazon.

SHINee hizo su primer concierto en solitario~ en el exterior de Corea del Sur, siendo Japón la sede del evento.
Vi muchos fancams, ojala hubiese podido asistir~~ aunque mi corazon se hubiese roto en dos por que la misma noche... The GazettE dio su final en el Tokyo Dome, cosa que todos los Gazerockers celebramos y estamos orgullosos de que lo hayan logrado. Asi que, creo que es mejor el haberme quedado en casa la verdad.

Creo que esa fue una noche muy importante en Japón, tanto en el pop como en el rock.

Ambos son grupos muy distintos entre si, pero no puedo poner a uno sobre otro pues ambas musicas complementan mi "Bipolaridad" por asi decirlo, nunca puedo quedarme a escuchar un solo género o explotare, escuchar generos distintos me hace no perderme en el mismo sonido y apreciar la variedad musical del mundo, y en especial de éstas dos agrupaciones.

....En cuanto a mis navidades... la verdad no hay mucho que pueda decir de ellas, y la verdad no lo haré (Risas)

El año nuevo me cae mejor que la navidad, hehehe. No soy Grinch. ㅋ
Solo hay algo que me ha estado atormentando un poco tal vez... pero no quiero que me afecte demaciado.

En fin, hoy pase el dia con amigas, necesitaba socializar un poco. (-__-;)

Oh si! Me he enterado que Ryuutaro Arimura de Plastic Tree se ha enfermado!!!
Terrible de verdad, amo muchisimo Plastic Tree y el trabajo de Arimura-san.
Espero que se recupere de verdad que si, con todo mi corazon y mis fuerzas y dios cuide mucho de todos en general. ♥♥♥

Oh si! Habia prometido una foto ㅋㅋㅋ.... bueno aqui la dejaré ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

크리스마스 일 ~~♥ 예뻐요???ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Christmas Message?

December 25 [Sat], 2010, 8:27
Allright!!! Its Christmas!!!!

I dont feel bad.

Not cheerful, but not bad at all.

Better than other years I must say.

I was happy, but suddenly~~ something got into my mind and thoughts.

The only christmas gift that I want is so far away from me.... unreachable.

I feel how my heart feels hollow, and how much I wish I was somewhere else, even just for a minute.

I am missing something that I never got, but something that I want.

Anyways, let´s not be Grinch with my inner tortures. Let´s just try to be happy and pray for good things to come.

Oh! I dont have a Christmas Picture!

I will upload something tomorrow maybe.

Right now, I will get ready~~ to eat like if I havent eaten in a month, LOL.

So, my best wishes to you~~ have a really beautiful christmas night in the way you most want it♥
God bless you and all around you♥



Melancholic Eve

December 24 [Fri], 2010, 13:29
Today has been a really strange day I must say. Its 12:12 am here and I wanted to post something before leaving to sleep.

December 24th, closer to Christmas. I wonder, What is Christmas itself?
I think I am getting to know the real meaning, behind all gifts and parties and food, there's something beyond that I never understood.

I never thought that I had to figure it out with tears.
To really know what the real important thing in the "Wonderful Holidays",...
Once you know it, you go it, and then you can start being happy, smiling and laughing, celebrating and giving thanks for what you have now and maybe praying for keeping it.

Christmas, is about getting to know you own heart in the end of the year.
Christmas, is about loving yourself and your life with all the ups and downs included.
Christmas, is giving all those warm feeling to the ones you love and care about in these cold winter days.

If you do not realize this yet... then,
Forget the colourful lights and the trees.
Forget the bright wrappers of the gifts.
Forget the money. Forget it all.

Its all about loving life with your heart and soul, even when you dont have anything material to give....real feelings are the best gifts.

That's why, the lonely Christmas is the worst of all. That´s why you always need somebody to share something.
Do your best, stay strong. We were not born alone, so there´s still hope, even in you heart.

I finally understand it know.

Thanks to everything that this year has brought to me, I know it know.
And...... I will keep it.

I wish you all a really }MERRY CRHISTMAS
Remember to love your beloved ones until the last minute and further.
If you believe, pray and love god and life with all your heart and thank for it too!.

Smile, whenever it gets dark, dark is not forever.
Love, feel, breathe, smile, eat, dance, scream, cry, sing. Do it all.
It is our time.

Peace!!! ♥♥♥

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안녕하세요!!! 니니 입니다~♥
I am Nini~♥

I'm Nini and I'm a fashion designer student☆
I love art, music, fashion and cooking~ I think that's all I need to live (●´ω`●)ゞ

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