Tea tea 

2006年08月03日(木) 15時53分
Wanna quit band, wanna quit band.

Aiyah, what is my sister doing. There's people in her car, and she's outside of the house. WTH? Aiyah na. What if mum wakes up, what's my excuse?

Yay new T&T single! And Arashi PV! :D Good stuff. Loli meet soon! <3


2006年07月07日(金) 11時58分
Watching a lot of D no Arashi and G no Arashi--though by far I love the A no Arashi and Nino Arashi segments the best. Too hilarious--seriously. Aiba is some stupid shit, but he's so adorable. And Nino is such a little devil, I'm sure he was just evil as a kid. But again, Arashi is just so easy to watch, they have great chemistry.

Plastic Tree has a new album, Chandelier. Good stuff, as always. Pretty laid backday, got a crepe at Q-Cup, made me immensely happy. Ok, going to go back to working on a layout for me icon journal.

Retsujou Lullaby 

2006年06月22日(木) 6時21分
Been watching too many dramas lately, but it's summer so . I've done three pages of APUSH, so I'll get back to it later. I've been trying really hard to get "Yasashii Jikan" with Ninomiya Kazunari in it, but there's no seeders, and all the uploads have died. Aiyah.

But I watched Hana Yori Dango--very good. I found it far more interesting than Meteor Garden which they dragged out too long. Tsukushi is so cute.

It's getting really hot now. Before it was really cold. Bleh. Summer has mostly been drama watching, Daily Show watching, and random outings. I got copic markers, which makes me happy. I made ribs today for breakfast. Weird I know, but it made me happy.


Funky Town Osaka! 

2006年05月03日(水) 10時47分
Really, really don't want to fill out the section leader form. But then K told Timmie and Jeff to talk to me and Susan. #&^&*^%#%@#$^@$%

Listening to The Brilliant Green makes me happy. Tommy should come back, her solo work does little for me.

And Off I go.


2006年05月02日(火) 12時05分
Oh my, Amphigory is such a nice store! Since their warehouse is near my house, they're going to just drop it off, which says me quite an amount of shipping. So Happy!

So, yes, Jackie knows about me and Bara. It's funny about March 19, hahaha.

In others news, Alice Nine's new album is good stuff. I still like Velvet (which is just a geniusly beautiful PV), and Haru, Sakura no Koro. Good stuff. I think Shou is becoming a better vocalist--very slowly, but he is. It doesn't bother me as much, though perhaps it's just that I have gotten used to his voice?

Jackie is thinking of making an Asian music club, sounds nifty though I seriously believe that it's going to be filled with anime fobs, and anime fans who all they know is that Gackt humped Masa in Vanilla live. She's thinking of making head honchos for each category (like Chinese pop, Korean pop, Korean rock, Japanese rock, etc) and that I would be in charge of Japanese rock. That sounds good, since I love Japanese rock, but I admit that I've been listening to Japanese pop much more lately, like KAT-TUN and NewS. Ah~

Today was at the Santa Clara meet--I wasn't able to compete at all this season! I wanted to do the mile run and 100 meter hurdles. Oh well...my knee did hurt a lot though. Oh, it hurts so much. Wonder what's wrong with it. Ramos was there to, which was sort of random, but he made it a bit more fun admittedly, though I'm never telling him.

Also had a long good talk with Sonya, which I haven't had it a long time. Though it cost me my classwork. Don't be like me people.

Must study!

Dangit Yamapi! 

2006年04月21日(金) 8時40分
Dangit! Yamapi's new drama, "Kurosagi" has efficiently distracted me from my homework. But it's so good, seriously, I have high expectations of it now. Con-man drama? I'm there~ And the fact, that Yamapi looks pretty cool in this drama, isn't helping me. Good stuff.

His hair is darker!

Geeky Yamapi!

Ouch. :D


2006年02月26日(日) 16時34分
And thus, my high school career is doomed. I'm screwed.

In other news, I went shopping today. Got lychee pudding, a cream sweater, another white collared shirt (you can never have too many), a cream colored skirt (it's quite cute), and soy milk. A good haul, yes?

And this is what is going to be dear Susan's present. Eventually. Darn machines.

X Manga?! For Under 5 Bucks?! 

2006年02月23日(木) 5時57分
I forgot why I love Chinese bookstores. Now I remember. Buying X manga for $1.63. Awesome stuff. <3

Am I the only one somewhat shocked/disturbed at the fact that Jesse McCartney is going to be voicing Roxas for Kingdom Hearts II in America? I mean--c'mon! {プンスカ} Ah well, perhaps it won't be so bad. No worse than Rachel Leigh Cook being Tifa right?

Reece has made me try to give Ichigo 100% another chance. It's not really all that different from the manga so...it's still not my thing. Just way too much fan service. The only harem type anime I liked was Sister Princess, but that's mainly becase the art was so nice, and there was no excessive fan service.

My rocking horse ballerina shoes came in! I can't wait until Jenkers comes home and I can try them. <3

A Peach Colored Strawberry? 

2006年02月05日(日) 7時34分
I sort of have a significant other! Yeah, Bara and I talked, but I can't go out until I'm older so, I don't know. But I had to get that out.

Right now Grandma is in the hospital, apparently she was coughing up blood or something. I hope she's OK. I know we complain about her a lot, but this sounds really serious. I hope all it was that she ate something really bad.

I'm listening to Soroban right now, and I'm actually somewhat impressed. Momoiro Ichigo had a really catchy riff, and from I'm hearing a lot of their songs are good stuff. Well, their vocalist is a weak link--he sounds like a billion other visual kei vocalists. But the other members seem like good stuff. I'm looking forward to seeing them later on.

Pastrami Really Is Only Good Warm 

2006年01月17日(火) 5時16分

Got the Nobuta wo Produce DVD to burn! It works! On my TV! Sweet~ But it took a lot of pain. =_= But it works. Hopefully the subs aren't cut off in the school's TV, because it fits fine on my TV. Aiyah. And the subs are kind of small. -hopes-

I am still speechless near the end of the "Sweet?" video. Aki + that darn tie = O_O; -fans-

I'm getting spam on my comments. Wow. I translated what I could, and yeah. Lots of, err, vulgar stuff eh?

School tomorrow~
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