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May 03 [Thu], 2012, 17:32
Seriously, when was the last time DC sports were cool? In a town often referred to as "Hollywood for ugly people"―customize jerseys the powerbrokers consist largely of stuffy old white guys working as lobbyists, lawyers or, worst of all, in Congress―DC sports teams have long lacked any real star power worthy of national attention. Sure, in recent years the Capitals’ Alex Ovechkin and Nationals’ Stephen Strasburg have created blips on the radar of the nation's sports landscape. But in a world where football is king, rookie pitchers and Russian born wingers―no matter how good they are―do not make your city cool. What makes your city cool is a dominating quarterback whose jersey is worn by kids across America.

Even better, RGIII's cool factor lacks the seedy underbelly often associated with high-profile athletes. Instead of smoking in the boys room, RGIII spent his time at Baylor studying, as he graduated early with a 3.6 GPA and started pursuing a masters degree. Raised in a military family and seemingly well grounded and disciplined, he seems to possess a self-awareness and motivation rarely seen in young college graduates in any profession. No scandals appear to lurk in the shadows of his braids. There have been no bar room brawls, no Twitter custom football jerseys, no lewd photos from Cartegena. The most outrageous things about the kid are his socks, a colorful display of super heroes and comic book characters, which could be comfortably tucked into the drawer of any four-year-old in America.

RGIII's physical gifts are a big reason for the buzz he has generated across the NFL landscape. Equipped with an accurate cannon for an arm and world-class speed, the quarterback possesses the type of skills usually reserved for custom designed players in video games. But it's not just custom football jerseys time in the 40-yard dash and shuttle run that has garnered him a near cult-like following in and around Washington, DC. The best and most important thing about RGIII is that he's just so damn cool. Blessed with a million-dollar arm and $5 million smile, the coolest nickname since "Snowmaggedon," and an affable and engaging personality, RGIII is a marketers dream, and stands poised to shift the national level view of the Redskins from pity to envy.

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