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September 18 [Tue], 2012, 12:43
cheap nike free ginning machines processing out of the lint is called zigzag cotton, leather roll of cotton of the skin roller ginning machines processing out of the lint, the quality of leather roller cotton rolling work is not good, production efficiency is low; tooth ginning machines processing out of the lint rolling work quality is good, but the cotton fiber a certain degree of damage, upland cotton processing is basically the serrated cotton gin and the processing of long-staple cotton roller gin.

nike free processed into lint ratio is 10:3, that is, for every 10 tons of seed cotton can be processed into three tons of lint. Processed into lint cotton gin bale balers labeled in line with national standards. There are three packet type to the national standard lint packaging: 85 kg / bag; 200 kg / pack; 227 kg / bag.

Cotton Inspection is carried out in strict accordance with national standard GB1103 ---- 1999. According to the degree of maturity of the cotton, color characteristics, quality of rolling work of these three conditions, the cotton divided 1-7 and loaded with cotton; divided according to the cotton fiber length 25-31mm length class, the length of the grade of cotton 1mm for the class distance women nike free run.