2006年05月16日(火) 23時40分
on sunday we went to the university of cleveland to play music.
that was great. actually there were some but...ya lol that was like the education thing so the music teachers were listening our porformance.
i think my solo was okay.that wasn't that bad. but...ya.
and we went to banqueit after that. we had dinner ,we danced. that was so much fun!!!! we jumped a lot lol during the banqueit the man who was talking on the mike ...HE CALLED MY NAME!!!!hohoho!! i got a troffie(?) it says great sololist.
i proud of myself lol a lot of my friends who is in the band hagged ME WW i was so happy!! thank you Ms. Brenneman!! I LUV YOU!!
i'm tired to typing now lol i'm out bye!!

Hey!! GUess what?? 

2006年05月16日(火) 23時27分
the music trip was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i loved it!! okay i will start to talk about this trip.
the firstday we were at school 5:00 AM...yea. and it was raining...nobody likes raining~ when we were crossing the bord(?) to enter in US. Stella n me went to in the building where we had to go. they took our finger prints n picture of our face. it took 1 hour!! FU*k!!!!!lol i was so xcited to go US. that was part of my dream**
then we checked in to the hotel and had dinner...i had chinese food with cassy n bobby.
2nd day was.... AMAZING!!!we went to science center first. that was amazing!! i saw many interesting things in there lol oh we supposed to see omnimax but we couldn't because of the machine problem.
after that we went to cederpoint!! oh man!! i love roller coasters!!!!i liked the green one(i don't know tthe name)lol we supposed to stay there 1 to 9 but...stupid whether.... it was raining so hard so we had to leave there at 6...BOO but it was fun!!


2006年05月10日(水) 20時57分
i'm go to little britten tomorrow for band dayit will be fun
oh i'm goto ohio in 2days.....hahaha i'm so nurvous but it will be fun.
i will share room with becca,cathy and bobby!!!! i'm ready to go,guys
oh but i have to pack lol

Japan ni go... 

2006年05月09日(火) 1時24分
hey guys
lastnight my mom and krystal were talking on MSN messanger i want to say good job tp bothlol my mom can't speak english krystal typed Jp . ofcourse i helped her. my mom really wants krystal to come japan so she said to her "JAPAN NI GO" hum....nice try though lol
ya ya ya that was fun timeWW
oh ya!!i realised i don't even have 2 months left in here!!it is sad but ya. the time is coming. what was my goal of this 1 year?? i have to think about that again and here i am. what did i change? what did i get? and what will i do now?
hummmmmm it is difficult question!!lol
the picture of my grandpa n me!!


2006年05月07日(日) 9時04分
ya today i will talk about japan. cuz i feel like that way lol
i luv Japan.japan and canada there are huge huge different between two countries. i wanna talk about school. in canada you can choose your classes. you have to talk to your school counsilor first because of credits. you have to see your credits to graduate your school.i don't graduate my school in canada so i didn't have to think about my credits.(like what i need to graduate the school)there are lots of choice you can take.i think that is good. and you don't have to pay for your text books!!lol
anyway lol and i found other different. if you go to canadian school(i don't know about US) you will see special students.(special needs)in japan you can't even imagine that cuz we don't do that in Japan!! we have special school for special students!! don't we??my younger brother is Down's syndrome.i don't feel unconfortable with him. but other people...maybe some people feel unconfortable with them cuz we don't see special need people not so often. i like canadian system better. i heard there were special schools for special students in canada but they quite. i talked with MR McDonald about this. HUMMM...i don't know you guys like canadian system or japanese system but ya. i really like canadian system better!!


2006年05月06日(土) 23時46分
hi guys!! i should say good morning lol
when i woke up nobody is here so ....yea lol
i went to bowling last nite. it was okay cuz i'm not good at bowl; but i don't care~HAHA
after bowl there were a lot of people there!! it was impossible thingslol i was like "oh, i didn't know there is many people in this town lol" and we are hanging out at bowling ali's entrance way...(i'm not sure)yea. there were Jenna,corlin,zachie,dan,krys,corey,josh,ryan,curtis,shen n me!! that was fun time.i really want to go zach's party but ya i'm not sure i can go or not cuz there is school dance too!! is difficult to decide!
by the way my birthday is coming!!May 30 th is my BD. don't foget!!lol
anyway i gtg.TTYL!!


2006年05月05日(金) 23時17分
hey guys long time no see
i changed my blog cuz i realised i can read japanese in this skewl HAHAoh ya i'm doing okaymy health is good too
i'm go to ohio in 4days.i'm so excitedi have solo2 solos....i hope i can play well in there.
my homestai is going good too. they r really nice people. krystal and me are like real sisterslol
many thigs is happening there too.i will tell u somedays. i gtg!! BYE!!
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