Ms. Jin Lu Lun, a Hail said firmly Peng centerless

November 21 [Wed], 2012, 12:07
from this for the Kim family, behind there is a major conspiracy. Lie in order to expose him, let the the arrogance children and he have a competition to a crucial, also invited Lu elder brother Peng centerless more anxious on Lu Lun channel Master, the disciples said true, please let me and Kim Tianjiao test of a real money, a try at a glance. The Lu Lun sigh a sigh of relief, Yifu sleeves, said With you. Yuehua Jian, two people jump scene sub-median posture with each other, and suddenly a fight. Peng unintentional one up on their own housekeeping skills resorted hands hit the hole brushwork, bold and forceful left hand moves, specifically looking for a big hole to start the gold the Tianjiao body kidneys, while the right hand pen strokes agile and nimble, turning

Wishful designed to find personal twelve meridians in acupuncture end-pen flying together amazing fantasy. At first, he also depend on the gold Tianjiao Road strokes vanquish. However, todays gold Tianjiao seen a different person and day, hes a two-edged blades suddenly before suddenly Huzuohuyou, yin and yang, throughput, unpredictable moves one oclock opening and closing the decisive moment feminine and compact, it is fathom Impervious. More frightening is the gold the Tianjiao the internal forces more weird, sometimes feminine Henla, sometimes Tough abnormal. Pettifoggery intersect, Peng centerless often because misjudged his hands Daojin eat dark loss. Two people fighting to timesharing, Peng centerless line risk attack, a cross-pen, suddenly a gold Tianjiao the eyes Ssangyong take beads trend stabbing. This trick sudden, and extremely dangerous, and spectators of all the people, Hey, a cry Gold Tianjiao Yinhen laugh, suddenly leant the Zhaojin steel Itabashi, insurance over the least bit let open Shuangbi, his right hand a shank Peng unintentional chest. Under Peng unintentional shocked, and forced to put aside

-Pen, the left hand managed to back block, just listen to the click sound, shank hit Peng careless left hand on joints immediately begins to fragmentation, The Peng unintentional pain Menheng the cry, and fell backwards, explore gold Tianjiao left, and Peng unintentional Chest complement the beat. This beat up seemingly gentle, but in reality Yinhen very, is fake canada goose Ms. Jin derived from the more female Palace the stunt cold overcast Arrow. Peng the unintentional immediately five internal organs all earthquakes, emitting a blood mad. Income potential gold Tianjiao proudly standing proudly surnamed Peng, this time you have nothing to say? Ms. Jin came to his side, patted his shoulder approvingly Lengran Peng Ergong child thou hast in love

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