Raise twenty-two thousand silver day tomorrow noo

November 23 [Fri], 2012, 17:23
I open the altar set Council, the council will be played. I lost, get married; you lose twenty-two thousand used. How? Connected and my brother and you stroke on a shop tomorrow noon, rain or shine. Zheng driving into the distance, then a put down, left hand holding the Lian Feng right hand pulling Xiao Lie marks, turned away Come We drink to go. http://www.canadagoose-jacketonline.com/ Years of our brothers run around busy drinking together in a long time did not talk, a rare opportunity today, if you want to float a white, brother, Xiao Xiong, done! Zheng pull reach for the glass, can not wait

Feng and Xiao Lie marks glance, each smile, toast drink wins.Brother, Omen of the disaster, and I do not know what is your intention? Zheng pull for the other two and then pour a glass of wine, Chen Sheng asked.Lian Feng smile soon, said a heart things are already settled, get a mentor handwritten book of Allure Jianpu recently from the hands of Peng Shaoxia income more kendo, need to find time to stop and fineFine study, and I hope to one day be able to let the Tianshan Pai grow in my hands again. The Peng hopeless, really, where are ultimately he. Zheng pull burst bored big mouth and downed drinks in glasses, shaking his head again and again.

Zhengxiong Could red girl you remain indifferent? Lian Feng asked with concern.The matter now was not to mention I Zheng pull will hang on the door canada goose parka Escort Peng, never give up until I die, otherwise exasperating is that Peng hopeless kill demons, lift your spirits, all day keep in EscortRelative day and night, and think snow makes me, hey, miserable. Zheng pull fretfully.Zhengxiong, Lin Feng lost smiles the Peng Shaoxia is the Peng doors Escort, Biaotou, of course, in the Escort over the overall situation, you Zhefan but asking for trouble.

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