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November 26 [Mon], 2012, 12:23
in the top door, a palm-sized scalp knife flying. He only scared heart gall bladder breaks, Yong Han of the usual kind of child air all flew claw depression Nations, scratching and scramblingDown the aerial ladders under the slide into the city, only to retrieve a life. Since then, he finds that the man covered in blood is famous Peng hopeless telling anyone fanfare, say how they Peng hopeless men life insuranceWhile back, seems to have a big glory. Want him to re-to rate Binggong on the wall, he can be is eleven million is not happy about it.

Row ranks by the Tafel him not many, Blackwater?? Fewer but better troops, shiny swords and guns to scare a scare small tribe, the army is also more than enough, but go to the hard Hang fuzhoucheng on hard bridge Valley back and forthThe whole army doom defenders of big Tangguan Bing scared not light, only adhere to the two-hour offensive, they begin to slack, regardless of the coach how urged not dare siege. Tafel never at the front,So there is no the Bodhisattva experience available boasted the Eastern Turks dilemma and he had to talk to talk to . Duo tacit, are secretly waiting for the Turks to help them capture constant chow.

Qidan elite generals one by one from the city swarmed down A baojia still can not be reconciled, his cheeks until the city on a white Yu Jian shot right to wear, he was sobering to return to taste ─ This continues, the the Khitan tribe generals necessary fully buried canada goose parka in a constant state. His spirits burning and looting immediately no, is it so hard to get a small constant state, future iron-like Changan, how got to attack the fortified city. HeTurn the idea, began to consider negotiations and Datang how much gold and silver property Khitan troops also began to lie down on the job.

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