Pik Getting a little disappointed, Chouchangbaijie

November 27 [Tue], 2012, 12:14
looked born more than tears. Suddenly, she remembered born Pro downhill, Wei Bobo that he had taken a lot of drugs, including Nine also Dan. Her busy put his hand to the innate arms, pulled out a small porcelain vase, open plug poured a nine also Dan,http://www.canadagoosejacketonlinesale.com/ Zhang Tiansheng closed pry open the mouth to feed into it. However, born in a coma, inability to swallow that the bolus, Pik gave men and women accept not pro precepts the busy bow mouth-to-mouth with his own body fluid mandatory drugs crossing into his belly. When she looked up, feel the lips shares fragrant, first thought it was a drug scen

born on the lips after see no point bright red, and we know that aroma from that point red. Although she was surprised, but did not to dwell on the busy prefer to give the day physiological clock Shun Qi, Hu Ting the Yellow River Creepy exclaimed The girl slow moving, you see Zhang Shaoxia face turn red! Hey! Quick look his nose layer a fine sweat it! like to wake state. He shook his head, looked strange and authentic to himself, how could it? miracle! was a miracle!  The Pik Getting confused authentic Tong predecessors, does he have saved? Wei Bobo the drugs can be really magical to cure the patient!

      Girl, sick scholar medicine magic can not be so quickly from the effects must be Zhangshao Xia otherwise adventures, he has Tempered Baidu Bu dip the body, otherwise, this phenomenon does not appear to be honest old lady saw that black Lun to know Zhang Shaoxia may not be saved because that black Lun than ordinary poison in it there is no cure poison, even if it is not live his heal Hua reincarnation. Look at this situation, the old lady is estimated that half a stick of incense time, only Zhang Shaoxia can be revived. Creepy Yellow River is very confident authentic.

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