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case the diversion is not open, in the absence of other exports, this life will be live buried in this hole. He hole sigh loudly, turned to the hole depths limped walked.At this point, though he caught the Jedi hearts was very thinking about to take over the family and Fan Qingqing, I do not know whether they are safe from the danger. He wanted to find as soon as possible to another exit, sneak into the top of the hill, with the two of them join The explosion seems to stop on the top of the hill, the mountain is no longer the tremor In addition to the sound of water in the cave to hear any other sound. Born endured leg pain, carefully wading ago. But see

This cave is narrow wide, twists and turns, rugged rocks, jagged. Xu born about line around this cave suddenly divided into forked, a still water tunnel, and the other a dry hole. Born abandon the water tunnel Guaixiang theDry hole. This dry hole is very deep touch of frosty moonlight came from the mountain gap irradiation the looming hole situation. About five hundred feet around the eyes suddenly now a Shihmen. But see that the Shihmen closed, lintelsThe square inlay engraved the Qingxudong Dongfu four characters. Born Upon seeing very surprised, I did not expect that there are people living in the deep ancient cave. I thought, such a hidden place, there must be an expert in the this comprehension cultivation, own both

However this, why not go in and visit. Hand to knock a few of Shimen, Xu Jiumei heard someone answering, he approached the heart is very confused and want to push the door broke into fear rude and even knocking several times, and high channel HouseSome people do? Juniors Zhang Tiansheng worship saw! However, any how he knock calls inside unanswered the hearts Ancun Could it be that this is an empty House, or the Dong Fu masters go out fake canada goose did not return? Regardless ofWhich case, may wish to go to see what happens, especially in the latter case, the hole has been sealed, Im afraid your family master never come back! He put his hand to push the Shimen, but listen to the ah sound

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