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November 29 [Thu], 2012, 12:07
  have come to a village before. This village than theyve seen a few stockade, the building is also very strange, are pitchforks scaffolding, thatched roof huts There are three columns two riding or five columns and four riding hanging feet wooden buildings. There is a river from Zhaizhong through the for drinking handy reasons, most of the stockade houses are built along the river, on the river three The storm building bridges links with both sides of the river three bluestone paved street. Only two of the stockade inn, points the river standing, not great, no more than 20 rooms. Called a Hedong hotel

Is a compound of the stone Tetraena patio; another called Hexi restaurant, is Seven Pillars XI riding the legs hanging large Mulou, facing south, Tung Tau probe into the river part, a total of ten rows nine. Three did not see Check to over Diaojiaolou, Hexi restaurant before. Shopkeeper Hakka, about forty years old, to understand Chinese words, and personally led the three upstairs selection room. Chose two green East head of the room, because this head just Water pavilion on the surface of the river. In fact, the close of the year the unoccupied shop, if not the three of them to stay, the store wants to off board, therefore, store room, any randomly selected.

Born red shopkeeper said dispensers, youve worked hard up! Let us send some warm water, we would like to take baths, then Sakamoriba. Shopkeeper Road OK! Warm water immediately sent, but I do not know the Keguan want Something to eat, whether to tell me, canada goose jacket sale good for you, ready to quasi-Fen. Close of the year, very few guests, and I have the master chef and waiter gave a holiday, too I cook for three chef Born said If you talk to some meals end to is best sent two cans of wine. Well! Shopkeeper turned thump thump thump and went downstairs little effort, but see

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