Wu Brother ...... stumbled like what people

November 30 [Fri], 2012, 15:08
 calling his purple butterflies found. At this time, these butterflies have been put on a rural girl clothes, there is also like a Missy?   Purple butterflies ... Wu Ming-chi, a very tough want to say a few words to her, but that is no strength to feel chest! So still can only stand looking at her. Are you awake? This time out came twoPersonal Help the master Ke Wenwei there Sha Yao Gang Bangzhu what Citroen Mo http://www.canadagoose-jacketonline.com/ top years! I am sorry, the two of us did not explain things to take advantage of you, Wu Ming-chi bitter smile, did not speak, in fact, unable to speak, simply turned and looked at the two people!

    If Wu Shaoxia want anything told Human ... Yuehua Jian two maidservants came in, looked at Mo top years of continuous nodded yes, and orders not know what. Hee hee ...... Miss Big BrotheAsleep ah? Silly girl suddenly ran over, standing on the bedside Wu Ming-chi took her hand constantly swaying. Seem affectionate the purple butterflies heart of a hot, do not know why I was very sad, could stand it noLive simply one came out! Peak is also very helpless, but silly sister of the man he knew so the moment is not jealous!Purple butterflies are outside basking in the clothes, apparently Wu Ming-Chi clothes! Do not mind silly sister in fact, silly Leng Leng Do not most people vision to take her the silly sister very pure and do not you imagine that

Kinds of meaning, Wu and his big brother good! Do not know what you doing with her about these words. Peak also find it laughable, but are afraid of purple butterflies joke passionate eventful .Wu Ming aiming inn has been pending for four days, the fifth day of Wu Ming-chi, feel better they understatement of the individual with the two Princess Road, the canada goose outlet two of them the psychological exceedingly ashamed, embarrassed forceRetain, and had sent money for the journey to let him go. Purple butterfly girl, I know you are good to me, but you ... Wu Ming-chi, carrying the burden of being customer at the exit of the courtyard, purple butterflies suddenly moist eyes, I also

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