Between heaven and earth is a proof

December 01 [Sat], 2012, 12:19
the moonlight like pure water poured into the Gobi Desert, there is a soft. Sweet feeling. In the Gobi Desert, everything is clearly visible. A change in the sun and not the violent winds Tame, then the Gobi Desert like a mother caressing baby, as Wenshun Li quiet. It is magical and distant, like a dream. Clusters Alhagi and piles of stone flashed, issued convulsively Suddenly dark light. Large Gobi Desert, at first glance seems to always be a face flat and desolate, but the fine does not look the same. Some places sand covered with smooth rhyme; some places covered with large and small

Rocks and hillocks and changeable; some good land, but because of the drought only grows large Alhagi and Splendens. The Great Gobi most Ni Feng obsession is it unfathomable loneliness, this alone Exist in its endless open. Such boundless a sacred produce a transcendent, time does not exist here, at least no longer flow time, but eternal solidified. Ni Feng took out the waist Type 92 improved pistol in her hand, do not know why, cold Barrel came waves of warm feeling faint, like the master of that sweet smile, Ni Feng could not help A smile, his angular face was such a soft smile is very incredible things, but the two are entirely different feeling so harmonious appear in this face yet indisputable

The company commander, thinking about again Mo sister even command vehicle fire control hand Zhang from the chariot roof drilled out. If you want your head, and get back to sleep, Ni Feng withdraw pistol holsters, just the gentle smile disappeared, replaced by a canada goose outlet bold and confident face. Can not sleep, the train Honghong, the company commander, she went to talk to her Well, guess shes this gun will still logistical busy change, Zhang explore feet, sat Taitailielie Ni Feng around the commander , You said that this time we will into Xinjiang will ... will dead which What did you say you! Ni Feng Zhang a white soldier war, defending the homeland, called sacrifice.

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