The original Ku taught strength so great because

December 01 [Sat], 2012, 16:56
of their addition to the force by high strength, most peoples admiring these industries involved in the industry, including the essence of the market, the salt industry, fishing, pierAs long as it is able to profit regardless of which industries are involved! This is truly powerful protection Ku teach!  Which pedestrians have to sit down on a meal, is to eat soon! Said it is enlightening when a man rushed up! The body of a fly standing on the table above. The following people are furious, once those officers and men arePick up the guy, but are on hold, not the coachs instructions Chen who have not dared to touch. What are you people? Actually dare to come here to run wild? Foot in a clothes bar floor on top of the desktop, glaring at the following

    This time treasurer of panic, ran and was about to say, but where? Chen Lai, you know what you do? Two months love you is not even the days of the months, you colluded Ku taughtMy martial arts compatriots killed five people, in the outskirts of Linan government a month ago 15 near the gate of the city, your future please Ku teach people played twenty beggars! Today you sure you want to teach with the ancient people talk businessYou want to Pier transferred to the Ku taught you not thought about that once the pier is transferred to the Ku teach, Linan government workers go bread where?

 The remark so let the presence of more than a dozen tables are feeling extremely surprised! A man in black pre-emptive strike, issued by the hands of a steel thorn fly over! canada goose parka When ... Wu Ming-chi, in the hands of ruthless sword, then theSteel thorn spread out here! Those officers and men more anger can not be pardoned several people surrounded by over want Luandaokansi dead Wu Ming-chi, but there think Wu Ming-go rather general master? I saw Wu Ming-chi, nor how to move
 canada goose

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