Soon, the pot of aroma overflowing Biluochun

December 03 [Mon], 2012, 12:48
to the young man in front of, but not to be able to attract the attention of young people over the small suddenly noticed two young people behind the ears have one like wire things have been from behind the ears Extend to the neckline, made him feel very strange, but did not dare to ask, brew a cup tureen they quietly returned to the counter intends to continue his dream, but let him feel strange, mysterious young man

From time to time to himself, vaguely heard of but let him Ruzhui the Shili clouds know why. No. 1, target determined, an Asian man, dressed in Haig suit, wearing a black hat, khaki grid tie, is the extension of B Avenue, to advance to the goal of building 56,100% pace controllable 2 continue to monitor, report after the 3rd transfer position to B6 target controllable No. 1, I was on the 3rd, has arrived at the designated location, finding the target, controllable degrees of 40% The attention of the various departments, in accordance with the original plan of action, repeated, according to the original plan of action

Silence of the street, just like a backwater cast into the gravel boat a crisp short gunshots pierced the lull soon as the situation, the people working in the ruins at first stunned canada goose sale for a moment, and then Sudden outbreak of a general stampede for the continuation of life instinct is always greater than the duties, took the lead on the 3rd sniper, the assistance of the observation post, a 12.7 mm sniper bullet penetrate a few millimeters

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