Following the barrage of their own comrades

December 03 [Mon], 2012, 18:05
desperate to come, want to tow her already cold corpse. Difficult for him to the lens, and the publicity which equate serial killer, It reminded him of the medical classes Koyanagi, if she is the enemy shot and killed the man place, he thought, he and his comrades and Stick all day hiding in the cat hole big man, will solemnly put on returning to the pants, put aside their lives to snatch away the same cold body, then pour yourself forward or back

On the road. However, Koyanagi already dead, dead in the the Vietnamese female comrades sword just kill him, living peel the skin of the body, and then hung in the tropical rainforests of sun tan a mummy This is, reach for the real reason of the of Zhezhi sniper rifle. Then, when he fired the first shot, had to forget the unforgettable hatred hearts left, only empty, there are mechanical execution that War, soldiers become a pawn without thinking.

Jost dared to disturb the the contemplation cold, he was a bit afraid of the cold noodles that comes out of that kind of cold breath, without the war, he does not understand why a persons body, will diverge so Temperament, he does not know the source of this temperament, he canada goose coats only knew this temperament, he is afraid, as if sitting body, a death, so he did not continue to speak, but looked blankly in front of the machine Remembering the wonderful craftsmanship of the mother, heart look forward earlier to complete the task, and then go home and eat a hot meal ...

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