Yuan Shiguo awe should be, the Hsin Tao really

December 04 [Tue], 2012, 12:12
ginger is the old lady, he surrendered password when you have this concern, but unexpectedly Wellington Koo said direct out, and in fact we all know are comfortable. To be electric. Chairman Kam rank in the British military attache of Yuanshi Guo has safely arrived in London, and found in the way the Japanese destroyer moored in the port of Southampton, England, I quoted the ambassador to Britain, Gu, lent their analysis, this ship should be the Japanese and the British upper contact of tools, industry and http://www.canadagoosejacketonlinesale.com/ former Zhen Burma Road Close related post Ministry and the chairman of the instructions Yuanshi Guo, Chang August 28, 2009.

Yuan Shiguo message will finish, then the password handed Yidian Yuan trabecular, looked at his word by word telegraph translated into packets, and then immediately get back password, personal collection, looked stood no speak Wellington Koo. Wellington Koo knowing, said, trabecular, transmitters, wrote to your frequencies with Yuan Wuguan just the way to point at, do not let the Japanese hear you transmitters Yidian Yuan trabecular nod, then sat before the radio, put on headphones, thought for a moment, and began transmitters. DDD clatter clatter and pieces, drop drop da ...... the indoor sounded the clear sound of the telegraph.

If at this moment, there is a pair of eye of God, are watching the scene, then, know the supernatural power of the Almighty, with his million will be able to find almost the same thing, in addition to several locations, with movie montage storyboard to the performance of this scene, you will find that, while there are several locations, and received a letter of top-secret telegram, a group of radio listeners in China Room It is located on the outskirts of London, at the same time, the British intelligence agency also intercepted this telegram, another is in the German Military Intelligence Office at the German capital Berlin, did not take long, is located in Shanghai, the Japanese Army Liaison Department of the listener class received this telegram, canada goose online and finally, in Chongqing Geleshan Chiang Kai-shek the villa room attendants telegraph room also received this top-secret telegram from the other side of the Earth.

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