After throwing these distractions the Lei Yu squeezing

December 04 [Tue], 2012, 17:16
 the neck piece of jade, again long spit breath faded clothes and sitting cross-legged down. The bodys infuriating boundless, is the impact of torrential momentum throughout the body meridians, although this is common practice with some crazy, if meridians break to face irreparable fault, Lei Yu did not have because of this to worry about, the body has to get the blue force escort can be smooth all the way.    Absorption air rarefied aura while Lei Yus body suddenly startled, This is how the matter?
Moist force transmitted from the outside world into the body, and this force is no impurities, simply do not the sinking Lingzhu help clear, Lei Yu carefully feel this purest force, and was surprised to find that this actually is the chest that block jade! Rejoicing, Lei Yu spiritual power concentrated in pure strength, which enter the body easily, Lei Yu master control over. Pubic region at the sea air is constantly swallowing forces, as if never have enough to feed the Hungry Dead, Crazy absorption.Slightly to spit Zhuoqi piece of jade also exudes glistening emerald green light this dark night, Lei Yu consciousness involuntarily close to jade, between heaven and earth rotation, suddenly plunged into a world of darkness.

Lei Yu looked around, in addition to dark or dark and stood in the darkness of the air, such a scenario is indeed somewhat surprised and fear, but thats just in the sense of, Lei Yu will not have to be afraid to that point. Dark space, the sudden appearance of a little light, this light slowly become larger, Lei Yu subconsciously took a few steps forward, it is a full moon! Is it relevant and the jade on that word month? Under careful observation, Lei Yu determine their own ideas the moon gradually rising up into the air, and it is weak and gentle light to a white cylindrical according to Lei Yu, a warm and comfortable feeling whole body pass Lei Yu up and down everywhere.

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