You can really an asshole, I Piluo Ge is a friend

December 05 [Wed], 2012, 12:42
  and you could be so much an insult to my friend? Lei Yu Lengheng soon, eyes glared William.   Pi Luoge and Lei Yu is just one side of the border between the two seed is entirely caused by the fighting, the problem here, because some of the Lei Yu, then, let Pi Luoge restored sanity, please be controlled of thinking, the last, if not Piluo Ge, Lei Yu that would be certain death, so he of Pi Luoge no hate, there is only gratitude.  William head short, he is simply a brain Paste, and his face sank down, I do not know how to do, eyes were instantly red, tears in the eyes as if not money desperately out gush Pi Luoge Great! your how can so left? Did you know? our subjects are waiting for your return and you can not just die ah!

     Looked at his appearance, Lei Yu was really disgusting, if he went to their own company to make a movie, the acting can be really few people can catch up, said the cry cry joking laughed, than the stock market correction faster.   Shut up! Lei Yu shouted, wipe your nose, disgusting!  Lei Yu, frowning, and such a person, he even shot too lazy shot, waved two soldiers could see on the walls, Lei Yu is call them and hurriedly ran out from the city, now the enemy The army has retreated, there is no danger, too fast because of the outbreak of a war, these soldiers and people simply forgot this time the applause.
     Your honor! Two soldiers stood respectfully in front of Lei Yu and Ngau Tau.   Lei Yu pointed squatting on the ground is still blowing his nose William took him to the field of honor, we see a good show!   William naturally do not know Lei Yu refers What do you mean, but do not know, after the return of the Minotaur Los Road West to restore a part of the injury, now he is about to the entrance of West Road food.
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