I ask again, What are you people?

December 06 [Thu], 2012, 11:36
  The Tahan cold voice asked.   Field took a step forward, anger has to limit his Hensheng asked, you can have two of the saver of men, a saver to pre a saver late? Yes! Han seems to understand what, with a grin, find me looking for revenge, but everyones fate will be very tragic, even late-saver to come is the same I ZhuSha and



 Implying you think that they have the ability?   Field breathing becomes promote tight, eyes bloodshot, his father also killed in the incident, and how to prevent his grief? He obstinately irrational hub up, I just feel the shoulder More than a hand himself tightly hold, and suddenly looked back and saw a pair of mysterious eyes.
     Field to say something, but see the eyes of Lei Yu, life and life to the words to the mouth swallowed.   How? Your rushing to die? Han Lengheng soon, this time, coming from distant attic, this man of large physique, unshaven Ray Yu recognize, precisely by their own lessons rid of that name Tahan, see him, Lei Yu, angry extremely, if not this the bastard Sixingbugai back tipped off, there will be no earlier happened, Lei Yu tightly clenched fist.
     Who died probably still unknown! Lei Yu snapped. Suzerain! Have to be careful, this kid has just reached a saver of, but the strength seems to have been more than a saver of difficult to deal with! Known as suzerain Tahan Lengheng soon, useless things there face here? See How do I fix him! I hate people playing with my cross arrogant! Lei Yu squint, apparently without fear, perhaps he is already well how should the enemy intends. Dead!
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