What do they count? Lei Yu That was Lam

December 04 [Tue], 2012, 15:36
  personally ordered bundle announced that from anybody, and deputy commanding group of people or the dragon, which was the than eagles groups also slightly higher then.   All clear, dead Americans variation, they just want to take advantage of that Lei Yu just the right to live, they made a mistake to, Lei Yu simply ignore the Moreover, they do not have the qualifications to manage .

 http://www.2013-northfaceosale.com/ Originally the Eagle group Takemune agree to send an investigation team just perfunctory only, Lei Yu Takemune status almost catch Shangguan family Is Shangguan Gijón will be helped Eagle group away offended Ray Yu? This seems somewhat realistic, he also wants to Lei Yu firm grip in his hand, which plans for the future, there will be a great help, Lei Yu, after all, is a rare talent, and also can be called Genius!  Thing, it happened, the day of the incident nightclub monitoring and recording, nightclub handed government agencies in New York, things are already obvious, Lei Yu and under no bald killer, but shot uniforms, screen not too clear, but Lei Yu quietly sneak attack behind the Xiao Fei askew disgusting countenance can see, things to uncover the truth, the video spread Tenglong Guo, but did not spread out.
 Nonsense! Shangguan Gijón hands behind Nusheng the to, Lam this time very angry! Shaw commanding, if you want to be firmly secured in the seat when necessary to good discipline your son!     Suppressing wroth, and his son then back from the United States, and to find the best doctors in the country for its healing, but even if the cure is likely sequelae, want to continue to maintain the outstanding accomplishments in the Eagle group , Xiao Fei estimated this clear, as the Eagle group to lead, naturally unpopular with mind, this hatred, he should be reported to sooner or later!
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