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December 03 [Mon], 2012, 16:15
machine gun shooter will still charge the soldiers of the embankment at the bottom labeled sieve. Liu Daren put down the telescope homeopathic slid to its base from the top of the hill. More than 30 eyes clear uniform of looked at him. Listen, checkpoints outpost, Sons of Thunder, with a small child to find open to children of fire, I want to fight the first shot was fired, you kill tower guy, while maintaining the
repression advantage I want you to to ensure that our people rushed roadbed before the Germans could not organize an effective counterattack firepower understand not

Lin Chong, you guys udarnik, I want you to start from here, through the front of the open land within half a minute, and then rushed the roadbed, grenades can be made fresh, be sure to neutralize their firepower, to give them the pressure to force them run Paoge, you bring three people, Ill give you 10 minutes, went around to the front of the small hill and over the embankment, our German guy drive out after the checkpoint, you is responsible for final finishing
Rest assured, has always speak relatively simple Paoge of no more, immediately bring the two players, the potential to go quietly to the northwest.

Arrangements for the special forces mission after Liu Daren turned and treat the guerrillas did not speak at the side, said As for you, I think you should be very familiar with the communication lines of the checkpoints, you are now 16 people divided into two batches,canada goose sale respectively, to the two direction, I give you 15 minutes to 15 minutes back to the checkpoints to cut off all lines of communication leading to the two directions, immediately after completing a return here. Well, brothers, half an hour after their yolk pinch out Liu Daren ruthless channel.

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