Wufei old thief Cease rampant, Xiao Ye also!

November 28 [Wed], 2012, 15:56
But see his stature flash, into the middle of the field pitched battle both sides in one hand and play piano cited open Zhu Wantong Zhang Li and nudge aside the other hand, engaged the of that Toutuo call vigorously Jingang Zhang, but listen to bang slamming Earthquake and opposite Toutuo huge body shook Dengdeng Deng back seven or eight steps backwards, mouth spit out two blood. When he looked up and saw http://www.canadagoose-jacketsale.com/ that the concussion he beat Zhang Tiansheng, can not help but exclaimed Zhang Tiansheng! Here? Zhang Tiansheng tone cold authentic special to take your pathetic life. The original one Toutuo Wufei Eagle to help law enforcement. Him to cover Chui Um came here to find out a person, because the possession of a martial arts secrets. He was looking for people, witty Shitai disciple Hui Zhen.

Hui Zhen is the granddaughter of the original Red Coat Army generals Peng Yibin common name Peng Lan. When Jin Weishao king was killed by the powerful minister, established Xuanzong throne. Mongolian army took the opportunity to attack the Golden State in all, sweep the next two rivers, Shandong ninety County. Jin Xuanzong was forced to move the capital of Nanjing (now Kaifeng). Hebei volunteer army is reported to Jin former include revenge, slaughter Jurchen. Shandong Red Coat army leader Yang safety and children who died after his subordinates Li Quan, Peng Yibin and Yang safety children younger sister of Yang Miaozhen, together soldiers voted in the Southern Song Dynasty, stand and fight in Huainan and Kinbyo repeatedly defeated

Kinbyo. Defeat in the back, the Mongol armies but has run the Central Plains. Red Coat Army turned to go to war with the army of Mongolia. Really set the battle at a time, the Red Coat Army by the Mongols defeated Peng Yibin killed. Later LI Quan, and Yang Miaozhen (Yang Miaozhen, married Li Quan) to surrender the Mongols in Qingzhou, anti-Ge attack Song soil Yangzhou. Peng Yibin who had saved a dying Road, and later Na Laodao or passed away. canada goose outlet Gave Peng Yibin Road before dying of a book, the book contains a rare martial arts secrets. It was Li Quan know, see repeatedly by Peng Yibin Peng Yibin Li Quanfu the women dark voted Mongols resentment, did not lend him the book. Later, Li Quan Getting Peng Yibin killed, they secretly sent several martial arts masters to copy Peng Yibin home and and killing spree pengjiachang the people.

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