Difficult to climb got up, Pudao, shoved in front

November 26 [Mon], 2012, 16:09
to draw a sharp iris, the knife shadow flicker in ten Matui glowing carnage flying through the air. Cuima while on the Turkic warriors mounts have to lie down on the ground, they fellKill! The Turkic cavalry roared and dropped to the ground toward Peng hopeless flutter past, current two knife cut into four sections, pounced and immediately http://www.canadagoose-jacketsale.com/ after the two men.Peng hopeless on the ground half-kneeling body, the hands of Pudao constantly tear the flesh and blood of the enemy the piled the mutilation arms around him.Thunder like the hooves getting closer, the enemy of tens of thousands of people cavalry hill and dale toward the a melee of Tangjun and gold feather silver feather team Weisha over, the The encirclement gap gradually would be fast horses came Diji close.

Peng hopeless look in the eyes, the fierce explosion drink soon prance into the sky from the ground and stuck his left arm, and bare hands to seize an enemy soldiers saber blade, health wrist doubled, collapse gave the blade to fold into two sections, Then struggling flickLeft-handed, two-foot-long snow-white blade shining 10 Shuzhang outside war shot past Xiongmeng. War male hurriedly pulled out a saber in front of a block, block, the roaring blade to the amazing high speed through his throat,

From the back of his head, piercing, Biao blood sprayed into the air, he screams even have a chance, you fell into Malay, a life Guiyin.The war hung canada goose parka dead! All shouted loudly, seize the opportunity to look in the eyes of Liu Xiongyi.All fighting in the Tang Bingshi gas boosted., All Huruyangqun like desperately stabbed in front of the enemy, and the entire cavalry large array begins to accelerate mobile. See the Lord perish congregation Turks officers and men while fighting spirit just like the sun

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