Provincial governor Fuchu, ginger forget

November 24 [Sat], 2012, 15:38
phoenix, such as steel, Wei Meng and Zhang days are sitting around the den a few cases before, everyone surface Shen watery.I Hebei Therefore, all the dead and injured no less than a thousand stationed in the north gate forces casualties almost exhausted the states Tang Bing and Honshu recruits Interim Force Sunzhe the 3000 Wu Baiyu people Dongmen troops bravery, but also hurtThe perish heavy. Inventory of arrows spent half of the Rolling Stones has been exhausted lei wood, kerosene full collection to the city wall, the city has almost no oil lamps can point. Zhang days for battlefield report.

Now how many people we have to fight? Ginger forgot Chen Sheng asked.Of Hebei Qidui two thousand three hundred four thousand two hundred large Tangguan Bing Zhang days are said quickly.You see we can hold on long? Ginger forget the look has been silence speaks for phoenix, such as steel and Wei Meng.In fact, three days ago, the share of the North Gate East Gate city walls, a constant state of this already restrain thanks to those skilled Tiger dart many party support, we can draw out the staffing composition Qidui rushed the walls.

Her grandmother male gang Good, the Bad and the Ugly indeed play. They the total Biaotou of phoenix such as steel, cast a furtive glance looked ginger forget, and then said a man.Ginger forget the face of a poker face, my heart was filled with a trace pleased to cough, then asked in accordance with the situation of these days, you have to see how long we canada goose coats can keep?Unless a miracle happened, Wei Meng long spit breath Otherwise, even if you count the combat power of the Tiger Escort, if the enemy again siege, we can only stick to one day to two days.Ah! Rolling Stones lei wood furniture exhausted, a limited number of kerosene arrows, we have reached the end of its tether, the Turks launched an offensive, bloody battle only to die one way. Phoenix such as steel Shen

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