Magic AU, the Bashan Shu disciples, the door of the canada goose jackets

November 23 [Fri], 2012, 11:25
family of six Central Plains, gang factions Bangzhong counted the number of able students from the the Lianhuashan ten booth two, three booths, each the door factions loss of heavy losses, even in the era Gorefiend Huli Tai hoodwink difficult to match.Several sects since the head of the following, together with the high generation of elders all dead shirt almost Daughter.Factions persons face blue lips yellow each other looking glances listlessly shook his head Kutan deep remorse for the moment by greed, Lianhuashan loss of soldiers off.

Fan everyone tide of life and death with each other and forged a friendship, and now a major event has a respective mutual Road treasure, parting. Lee read stubbornly sitting on the ground and refused to back and warlords with the Central Plains.Mr. Lee, how not to go? Mei comfortable came to Lee read around, the harmonies asked.Peng hope this kid has not come back, how to get there? Lee read looking Henan said.Mr. Lee! Meng cold tree face heavily, said I see breakthrough in order to cover our being heavily surrounded odds are against us Im afraid you do not have to wait.

You really have the face to say! Lee read suddenly stood up Pang brothers, we highlighted the danger of the number of times you touch a breakout immediately do the birds and animals scattered and of no concern to him.We have to cover the magic canada goose outlet AU congregation escaped ah! Mei comfortable furious Otherwise Pang brothers as not dashed?Now? Are you not also ready to go? Lee read the bulk of a flash This is not a disposable Friends of disregard, is it?Mei comfortable face an embarrassment, and said Who says we go, they go, I was going to leave, and preparation of the Pang brothers back.

canada goose

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